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  • Sylvia Huang wrote a new post 1 year ago

    5 Practices To Achieve Work-Life Balance

    We live in a time-poor era where everything has to be done yesterday and our to-do list is ever growing.
    Achieving work-life balance is an everyday challenge for many of us and it sometimes feel more like a dream than…

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    • These are great suggestions, Sylvia.
      I love the idea of afternoon naps. The Western world has not embraced this idea but I bet it would make a great difference in regards to many things but balance and clarity for sure.

    • love the article! the donation to charity is a fabulous suggestion when you miss your personal commitment. I really struggle with holding myself accountable. Setting up specific plans and reminding myself it CAN do anything — just not everything really helps me. Reflection is big too. On the road to time management accountability. 🙂

  • Sylvia Huang wrote a new post 1 year ago

    4 Ways To Say No and Establish Your Boundaries

    Do you struggle to establish your boundaries, especially towards toxic and aggressive people?
    Are you feeling overwhelmed and drained from a plate full of other people’s agendas, rather than your own? If you find yourself being a Yes-person more often…

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    • Your wisdom beautiful Sylvia Huang, shines bright like a diamond 💎!!! I adore Japanese proverbs and ❤️ loved the one you referred to: “The protruding nail gets hammered down”. I love and have incredible respect for all wise Japanese proverbs!!! We learn little from victory, much from defeat!!” Great respect to you ❤️ lovely Sylvia!!!

    • Sylvia thank you for this beautiful article. To tell you the truth i am a victim of a family toxic member. My brother since i was a little kid always kept abusing me mentally and emotionally. I grew up in an unhealthy environment. My brother is one of those people who always keeps bragging about his accomplishments and never rewarding mine. Now, after so many years i realised that i was more than enough. I am intelligent and independent and i can achieve whatever my mind sets. It took me more than 20 years to realise, that it was not my fault. My boundaries have been kept violated and i had no idea how to establish my boundaries. But not anymore!! I prefer being alone than being surrounded by emotional vampires who can so easily drain your energy. Sometimes we have to burn some bridges since there are not going anywhere. Unfortunately, sometimes being rude is the only way to get rid of a toxic member. There is no other way!! We should learn when we have to say no!! As i distance myself from my brother's presence my life changed instantly! He is so possessive and he wants to control us all. But enough is enough!! He keeps competing with me. if he wants to compete that's fine with me, i will not take part on this. Thank you in advance for this beautiful article!!

    • I Also draw the line to be firm and direct, and also use my empathy to know the persons need of it. I was recent in contact with one old colluege that was harrasing me for a while. I have been in contact with the swedish police and talked to him who follow me, to let go of this situation. I also explained to him that i dont hate or fear him, and i can not control what he do, but i will continue to proceed my part of being firm and calm to take care of it in a legal process if he dont stop. Going no contact is also a benefit, and block them on social media. Thanks for this article! It came well in hand for my situation right now. With love and support Lina Sjöberg

    • Thank you Sylvia for this article….. time and experience has taught me to handle such situations and i will thank simple reminder friends and other brilliant friends who were constantly showing me the light to move ahead…
      I am grateful to everyone….and thanks to you once again Sylvia for this brilliant article…

    • Wonderful article! Thank you for brilliant insights and especially thank you for examples.

    • Thank you , Sylvia.
      Although all ages can struggle with this , I think it gets easier to establish boundaries as we get older. If we learn from experience and gain confidence in ourselves , approval of others is no longer necessary. Therefore we are able to respect our own worth if we are comfortable with who we are.
      Love this article.

    • I use the rain check example quite a bit and also a good guilt free no is useful at times. I am becoming more aware when people are pushing my boundaries now. Thanks of your useful examples in this article.

    • I am more like a nice paved pathway when it comes to this (though I used to be more like a roller coaster). I love that you suggested to ‘Know yourself” before you say no. What you described is really helpful and I appreciate all of your example and tips on being able to feel comfortable and be ok with setting a boundary and/or saying no. The best thing about this article that really stuck with me and I will use moving forward is when you said to “know your enemy” – to know your the style of your enemy.

      Thank you deeply @sylviahuang!


    • I love all the suggestions. I lived with a very controlling, critical man for 45 yrs. I gave up the fighting over his treatment because nothing I said got through. I gave into what I thought was some piece in my life by mostly ignoring his rants. I did not have a clue that I was losing me in the process. After one too many affairs by him, I insisted he must leave. The first night alone, I felt this weight being lifted from my body. I had carried it so long, I couldn't feel it anymore. Being on my own was scary and I struggle financially, still. He has hid for this past year, taking 2/3 of income with him, emptying our savings and checking account on his way out of town and driving off in our only vehicle. Hard to divorce someone you can't find. I am at piece with my decision. Don't let anyone steal your identity from you. It is so much work to find yourself again. No is a complete sentence, no need to explain your decision to those who pressure you to say yes. I'm getting stronger and no longer second guess my every decision. I can do this. No regrets except for staying so long in a toxic relationship. I have forgiven myself for it. I did the best I could with the tools I had. I'm reading and learning everyday.

      • Wow! Thank you so much for sharing your story. It really hit home. I think you and I have alot in common. Good luck in your transformance. Just remember you are a beautiful butterfly….

    • Dear Sylvia: I set boundaries for my self, but I do this(on a as needed basis)depends on who I'm with-family/friends/coworker & the circumstances of the individual I'm with(I treat others the same way I'd like to be treated and being open & honest in our conversations(w/o being rude & disrespectful-we are human & we have feelings)!

    • Hi..Sweet!Sylvia dear…wonderful article.. Thanks for Sharing.. and thanks to Sir Bryant McGill.and Mam Jenni..for creating Space for us to comment in their selected articles.written by them…and by others..Nice writers…it's a privilege to be with you all..❤👑💐yeah we if want to lead a life of purpose.. and health.. we need peace of mind and for this we have to be selective enough while relations in good terms..with others..that can make us grow and grow…and let us gain our energies to live a life of honour and purpose.. there are times where you have to face toxic people..relations.. and you have to make boundaries to protect your integrity..calmness..mind..and so on life to go on Smoothly..Those people can we you linked in day to day routines..neighbours…even dearest family which some always try to suck your happiness…make you suffer for no solid reason..burdensome you..irritate you..cause problems for you..even how much you care respect them..There nature becomes to take advantages of your sensitive nature..they want to get their profits..there needs..their purposes.. they although show love and respect to you..but inner side.. they are insecure..depressed…lacked inner peace…They when saw you in Good place ..and honour they become jealous and wanna utilize your life to gain their purposes and wanna full fill their demands..we have to let go such people..we always have to set our boundaries.. deal them with patience.. but not let them takeaway your own identity..your own self reality..your own self.. worth ..and then there are conditions that pursue you to be in any kind of relationships..that can attack your worth..respect…and good deeds..say No to such relationship.. even how much attractive they seem to be you are alone.. you have to be selective in any relationship that can purely make you happy …and ease your Soul…not just for time passing.. so have your limitations . Let yourself busy in creative positive life..patience.. trust in God Always..take care of your self maintenance..self respect…avoid toxic and people with bad intentions.. say no with no fear Trust on your own guts and capabilities.. let yourself a real authentic self love yourself.. care your self.. it's life…❤💐⚘⚘⚘⚘

    • This is a great reminder! Thank you for this article! Sometimes saying “no” to someone is really saying “yes” to ourselves.

    • Hello Sylvia, this is great information, thank you!

  • 4 Constructive Ways to Deal With Criticism

    To live and be part of a community at work, home or school means we are sometimes told truths we may not like to know or hear. We get labeled for our shortcomings and judged on our failures and…

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    • All 4 points are awesome for dealing with criticism especially number 4.

    • Thank sounds great can't wait.

    • While all 4 points are strong. For me the 3 strong resonators I struggle with are 1) The pause by not responding emotionally- it has worked wonders for my confidence in answering touchy things. 2) what struck me like a light bulb…choose the things that align with your internal compass and toss the rest, for now. OMG this is my next step and 3) the one evading me and requiring the most concentration is to work in an environment full of hostility/where everyone thinks they are the leader not you – and be able to make that fuel me towards pausing, changing and not taking it personally. I love your writings please know how much of a difference you make and I look forwrd to every daily one!!

    • Great article! I prefere to be critiqued not critizied 😊

    • I really enjoyed your article on the four ways to handle criticism and I have to say I have always had problems with this and I believe your suggestions on how to respond are right on and I intend to put them to use next time I have a problem with this. I find that a lot of times the problem lies with the tone some people use and talking down to you that can really change your ability to take their constuctive criticism..

    • Sylvia , These are great suggestions for dealing with criticism.
      We should try to be as open as possible without offense. It sometimes may be difficult and these suggestions will definitely help!
      Thank you for the article.

  • 6 Steps to Have More Discipline

    The idea of ‘discipline’ can be both empowering and dreadful. We need it for forming new routines, getting rid of bad habits and staying on top of our lives. Below are six easy yet effective steps to develop more…

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    • Beautiful article❤️

    • Great steps to be more disciplined. I like the part about celebrating the progress. Give ourself a pat on the back.

    • Sylvia, These are some great suggestions.
      I especially think number three is important to remember!
      Thank you ❤️

    • So very grateful tonite, reading your page created for breaking goals down into smaller ones! And creating a sense of energy. Also, relating to discipline, forming new ideas, and getting rid of bad habits! I strive to overcome all! So many things, and also a chance to attempt to classify our goals! The big ones to the smaller ones! My first choice is to list my goals!! Not just my dreams!!Work hated at all and work hard! I will not fail!! Thank you, So!

      Linda Smith

    • Self-discipline is a hard challenge to conquer. It takes a lot of practise. I tend to relapse, but I have a lot of things going on at once that require discipline. Going to the gym, eating less rubbish, managing my money, not buying handbags & jewellery and all things nice. Tidying my house ( decluttering), reducing medication, ignoring rude, nasty and negative enemies and obnoxious neighbours, managing an abusive Father. And trying not to sink under the pressure, and more. I’ve got a lot going on. I didn’t realise how much until I typed it. It helps if you have a purpose/motivation sometimes, sometimes not. In spite of knowing what discipline is/means, I would welcome some guidance on how to actually stick to it. Another interesting subject. We all need it in our lives.

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  • 5 Ways to Raise Your Game in Life

    The start of each year is often an inspiring time for many to embark on new goals and aspirations. We are quick to dive into single-minded pursuits of ambitions, without stopping to ask if what we're aiming too low…

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  • How to Rewire Your Brain for Happiness

    We all want to be happy.
    It's a desire almost as strong as our need to breathe. Some would rather not be alive than to be alive and miserable. Our instant gratification generation is obsessed with chasing happiness, like it's…

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    • Sylvia , These are great. Thank you.
      We create a blueprint for our lives that we can change if we realize what it is that we base our happiness on.
      Those same blueprints are what we base our unhappiness on …
      When we think something “should be” a certain way…
      “We forget what we have now is what we previously desired subconsciously or consciously “ 💥 BOOM 🤩

  • 6 Tiny Lifestyle Changes to Unplug and Make Space

    Stress, anxiety, chronic fatigue, sleep deprivation and feeling overwhelmed are so deeply woven into our lives these days that we regularly seek meditation, yoga, exotic escapades and spa retreats and massages to decompress. On the surface, this looks like…

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  • 8 Ways To Feel Better When You’re In A Rut

    There are times in life where no matter how hard we try, we just can't break free of a deadlock. As much as we would love to, life does not come with a remote control for us to fast…

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  • 7 Hidden Causes of Stress And How To Overcome Them

    We're all familiar with the usual sources of stress — lack of work-life balance, job insecurity, overload of social commitments, financial worries, grief, loneliness, heartbreak, family dramas and more. Sadly, many of these factors take time to resolve and…

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  • 4 Perspectives To Have When Life Feels Hopeless

    Five years ago, I found myself at the mercy of Murphy's law. In a span of nine months, my relationship to a partner of eight years ended, I lost four family members to unexpected deaths, and I suddenly found…

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    • Dealing with losing my parents and I have to say not only sharing my feelings with others but observing how others have handled this pain has helped me tremendously.
      Great article , Sylvia.

  • How To Build A Good Loving Relationship

    What you give, you receive. What you believe, you beckon.
    I'm a big believer of the above two rules and have seen them manifest multiple times in my life. This basic law of attraction was at work in my relationships,…

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  • 5 Laws of Nature That Taught Me About Life

    “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” — Lao Tzu
    How I love this insightful quote from Lao Tzu! In this day and age where everything important and unimportant has to be done yesterday, we stop giving life room to…

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    • Sylvia, I love 4 and 5!
      We need to plant a seed in order for something to grow! It takes time.
      And we are all part of ONE. We need one another to achieve anything /everything in life … even life!
      Thank you for this article.

  • Easy Ways To Practice Gratitude Throughout The Day

    The benefits of practicing gratitude are innumerable. It helps release toxic emotions such as frustration, envy, regret and resentment while increasing sensitivity and empathy towards others. Being grateful also improves self-esteem and personal relationships by reducing social comparisons and…

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  • Sylvia Huang wrote a new post 4 years ago

    6 Mindful Ways to Slow Down

    Overwhelmed has become a common state of being for myself and for many these days.
    Instead of saying “Hi! How are you? What a beautiful day!”, we go “Hi! How are you? I'm so tired/busy/stressed”. I was in that self-created prison of…

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