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    10 months ago

    Organic is our future. We strive to become more authentic in our lives, and what better way to be wholly authentic than to nuture organic gardening. Natural plants that bring wildlife to your garden; and plants that are beautiful, colorful, fragrant or edible, are the mainstay of the organic gardener. As a painter, a photographer, writer and a songwriter, I plan my gardens to bring a peaceful atmosphere to my creative spaces. Gardening, and indeed, organic gardening on any scale is rewarding, beyond measure.
    My first considerations are peace, and inspiration. The calming flow of an organic garden is a subtle determination to create peace. Helped along by the knowledge of a few simple ingredients or elements, an organic garden can thrive in any weather, and on any scale. A tiny garden can be a little jewel with the right elements. An acre can support all of your fresh edible plants, and five acres can be self sustainable.
    I’m passionate about organic gardening, as I am about all of my creative interests. Gardening is as much art as any other aspect of our lives. I examine and experiment with color and texture, as well as unusual and underused plants that are hardy, drought-resistant and aid us in some way. The give and take in an organic garden, the ebb and flow of seasons, passionate play of color, herbs and vegetables, your favorite flowers, your place of solice, where you relax and play, animals, the children’s garden, shade and sunlight, silence or music, feeding the garden, wildflowers, city gardens, country gardens, the natural pest killer balance, water or the lack thereof, are all considerations in your organic garden. I hope you will enjoy my organic garden path and growth. I truly believe organic is the garden of the future and beyond.
    Peace, Susaye Greene

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Susaye Greene

National Director of Film, Music and the Arts; Peace Prize Foundation

Susaye Greene is a published author, thought-leader, the National Director for Film, Music and the Arts for the Peace Prize Foundation and Simple Reminders Network. She is a hit songwriter and singer, an artist and the last member of the world famous Supremes, signed to Motown Records. Susaye is Brand Ambassador to Restart Energy Democracy, a judge for the Raw Science Film Festival and is the President of Dollface Music International. Susaye Greene and Scherrie Payne, Formerly of the Supremes with Joyce Vincent keep the legacy of the Supremes alive travelling the world.


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