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  • “Experience is the hardest kind of teacher.  It gives you the test first and the lesson afterward.” — Oscar Wilde
    I truly believe that everything and everyone has something to teach us in this life, without ex […]

    Experience is the Hardest Kind of Teacher

    "Experience is the hardest kind of teacher.  It gives you the test first and the lesson afterward." — Oscar Wilde I truly believe that everything and everyone has something to teach us in this life, without exception. I’ve learned, in earnest,...

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    • Thank you so much for your wonderful article!!! Insightful and inspiring!! Sharing on my page <3

    • Wow this is the best article. Thanks for sharing and definitely to be shared on my page💕

    • Wowwwwww Stacie!!! Incredible, heartwarming, very truthful piece of Magnificence!!! I applaud All Mommies, but especially the Ones who struggle on their Own!!! Congratulations on your Great Success Stacie and your Magical Miracle of Wisdom, that really touched my heart and Soul!!! Your Son or Sun 🌞 is soooooo beautiful just like his Gorgeous Mommy!!!❤️❤️♥️🏆🏆🏆🏆🥇🥇🥇🥇⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🌹🌹🌹💎💎💎💕💕

    • Love this , Stacie.
      Experience = Wisdom
      Grow and glow 🌟
      When we truly grow through our experiences we can be grateful for them and all the wiser.
      Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

    • Thank you Stacie. This is exactly what I needed to read at this point in my life, it brought tears to my eyes because it feels so true. Thank you for taking the time to write such a beautiful inspiring piece, and for inspiring me to get out there and life my life in this new chapter. I finally realize I am ready!

    • So easy for so many of us who have experienced life altering events…
      You truly captured what so many have or will experience in their lives..
      Inspiring and filled with logical ways to reach a new level of peace when your life has been changed..
      The saying when handed lemons make lemonade could be a simple way of explaining what you have done.
      You created a new life for your child and yourself.
      You have reached out and are helping others come to
      start a new life…
      Thank you for sharing.

    • Thanks Stacey. …
      Wisdom=living in the moment with a Positive attitude!
      Adversities should Not be an obstacle!
      For me that is…..
      To look at life Not thur Rose colored glasses! ??
      But thur Eyes Wide Open to this Big Beautiful World and the Positive people and Inspiration of each Awesome and Different person in Our lives. If there is someone in Darkness and you cannot seem to help them come to a better and positive place then Walk away… Negative Vibes or Ora does bring yourself down . Wait too long and you, yourself will be submerged into the darkness of Negativity. My lesson in life is to Center YOURSELF! !
      YOU CAN NOT HELP anyone until you FIND You!!
      Peace, love, Positive lite & Additude, Many live Vibes.

    • Life teaches us hard lessons. I learn and experience some of them. I was betrayed by friends in the past. I always believed that those people were my tribe. I invested on them, i loved them with all my heart and when things went rough they disappeared just like that. I used to confess them my deepest fears and then they used them against me. More specifically, i had business problems, i was working in the past around a hostile environment and i faced a lot of problems with my colleagues and the management. So i used to confess all to my friends. I was encouraged to give my resignation and leave from that job as fast as i can. That's what i did. Unfortunately, things did not go right as i expected. I gave my resignation and i was off work for at least 3 years. You guessed right. When i resigned, my friends went so excited and i thought well yes they are absolutely right, i should have done that a long time ago. But things went from bad to worse. The abscence of my job made me a food to the dogs. I didn't have money so i couldn't hang around with my friends. Noone got my back. In fact, my friends blamed me for my hardships and they just abandoned me when i most needed them. That was a lesson of a lifetime!! Now i know that these people were not my friends but they were friends in disguise. But i thank them every time because they learned me how to stand on my own feet without depending on anyone.

    • Hi, I’ve had plenty of Life Lessons beginning a a young age when I nearly had failure to thrive (or so I’ve been told). I was the favorite ~ think jealousy like in Joseph’s time in the OT when his siblings sold him into slavery. Well I wasn’t sold, I was abandoned (emotionally). I was the “baby”, and I was about 85 to 90% socially isolated due to where and how my parents chose to live. The beauty in it all though was that I learned how to be close to God and learned where and how God is ~ He,She,Universe,HigherPower lives in each and every one of our hearts. As a result of negative, there’s never enough programming and a plethora of bad examples in which to follow, I’ve dpent many a year with pain and suffering. I don’t quite yet know what I do enjoy. What I do though very well is exist with nature. I talk to the birds, squirrels, even spiders. I tell the frogs how beautiful they are. This private life I have, others do or would think I’m quite crazy. I’ve even been medically diagnosed that way but it’s not true. I’m adapting to not one soul being able or wanting to help me carry my load and as a result I’m learning that aloneness is a good thing. I’m not constrained by what others feel is urgent…like shaving my legs (I’m quite grateful for the hair because a symptom of low thyroid is hair loss…or it could be a symptom of hyperthyroidism. Idk. It’s just that what others society thinks means very little to me. I’m a born leader. And I’m still alive to tell of it. I am a determined individual. To date I have achieved my associates degree (over a 10 year period of time). Good news coming from a school system that in 1978 graduated 8 individuals (I was 3rd of 8 in standing). Survival was my game and doing pre surly as I wanted (which usuallly was not in doing my best to learn their way). Socially I was a wreck… still am really but I don’t give a crap ~ I like and love myself precisely as I am/and was. And if this isn’t 100%true what is true that I’ll spend my last few years here making it 100% true. The journey folks is within. It matters not what others think. It matters immensely what YOU think and feel. Feeling follows thinking (all 66,000 thoughts daily) and thinking follows feeling. I do believe it to be slightly easier to change the thinking b4 the feeling (from my vantage point). And the best time to do this is the first little bit in the morning sndvthe last little bit st night before sleep. Think of these 2 times as a sort of portal to feeling better. Use YouTube a lot ~ there’s lots there to guide you into better being ~ it’s my best friend because as I see it, I have none, except me (and God). Be well and prosper ALL, at least emotionally. There’s no real advantage in mediocrity. ❤️ Spoken without the double negative ~ all is to be gained by giving life your all!❤️❤️

    • Stacie! Love that this article is something every one of us can relate to! New beginnings and starting over. I embrace the messy art of “unbecoming” who we never were to begin with. It's so exciting and seems to occur in layers. Like peeling off heavy winter clothes after a long winter stuck in the house. Lol! It is so liberating! Love it! Thank you for sharing! XOXO

    • Hi there!
      Great article!
      As a 46 yo, starting over as a divorced single Mom, looking for a career, this hits home. My entire life, I had played it safe. As a child, I went in directions that pleased my teachers and parents. As an adult, I did what I was taught and lived an extremely unfulfilling life. Now, I can see that the only way to grow is to do what seems the hardest. It's taking the classes that scare you. It's trying the sport that always frightened you. It's saying No when youve always said yes. It's not caring what others think about you. I have a group of friends who love to drink regularly, for instance. It has been boring me for a while, but I'd go out and drink. I'd feel like crap for several days, sometimes realizing I had said or done something stupid, and always felt unproductive. Now, I don't go. I even tell them why. Since I've embraced “me,” so many people have come into my life who are more like me, more compatible to my interests and future goals. Also, I've learned so much from people whom I never thought I'd ever be interested in knowing. I am actually a big nerd, I've discovered. I follow so many scientists, authors, and futurists. It excites me. Social media mkt excites me, strangely. I hated social media mkt, before. Now, the psychology behind it is enthralling. I talk to strangers all day long, hoping to have an interesting crazy conversation, maybe learn something about another culture. I try to make better people out of catfish. In the past, it would have scared me to talk to strangers on social media. They may steal my identity or hack into my accounts, I'd worry. In fact, i was scared of a lot of things. Pushing through these fears has opened my heart up to so many cultures around the world whom I used to be uncomfortable around. I began growing. I filled my social media up with nothing but positive people, from all over the world, from whom I knew I could learn and be inspired. I started back at school for teaching, but with the help of others, i realized I was more interested in other areas. I decided I wanted to do several things, not just one thing, anyway. It's a process, but I'm learning. Figuring out our passions, what makes us tick, and what we can give back to the world, our purpose, is what drives me, now. I don't let the status quo sway me. I'm swayed by what interests me and by how I can make the world a better place…and I keep moving forward.

    • great article worth to be read and shared thank you.

    • Thanks!Stacie Dear❤💐💐💐for a lovely inspiring article..I do had a mishap.. in life that motivate me to focus on myself myself lead a strong life.. I had a mishap of divorce.. I loved my husband so much.. we care for each other.. so much..issue raised baby birth was bit late..i was young girl…with health and enthusiasm..he can wait a bit but in anger one day without any Solid reason put the divorced my hands.wht I should say when done is done..I moved to my pappa house…and after I came to him..after two years my Mom died of sudden heart attack.. younger brother and pappa were alone.. So I tried my best to deal the whole house systems.. and took care of pappa and pappa was a in his profession he demands from me to be at home and take care of all..Systems.. brother got upset after Moms death…he needs my care too..So that was the period that turned my life…as I have to deal like a Man…pappa trusts me a lot…I feel if you are mentaly physically stròng you can lead life with courage I focused my exercises…my personal activities to get busy even at home..but whenever need for me to deal the outdoors I did my best..i feel to take care of pappa more he was heart patient ..and always cared about his diets…his medicines…his walk he always have me permission to do my exercises and my activities.. at home he knew she takes care of health. And write and learn….so will be a Strong woman one day.. he always want my resistance to be maintained in life…my proper prayers . My exercises..I brought me up like a boy…but he always expect me to do good for myself but don't cross my limitations.. remain positive and productive.. That's my Pappas greatness.. but during that period when a lot responsibilities and works I had to deal…as dealing all family members..all…home chores..managing ladies.. club.productice activities.. I got some time upset.. where my as I have to deal my duties..i commited to..but didn't dishearted I always…manage time for myself…for my as I have to deal my life by living and caring.. and honouring it…although in that long period I had to sacrifice my time…and life..but I was always hope that one day I'll be ready for my life I'll make my dreams come wishes come true.. so I always be active..but becoming strong by praying..meditations..exercises..and other healthful activities..that can a source of more positive energy to lead my future life with dignity.. self worth…and challenging goals…The journey took quite long…but as I am now in the Royal Society.. ❤👑💐From two years..and with the Simple reminder groups too now..Thanks to Sir Bryant..Mam Jenni.and all my Sweet Royals for their love care and compassion.. they introduce me to a platform..The Royal Society ..❤👑Through which I am linked with lovely Souls all over the world.. and my mission in future is to work for them.. to let the Souls in them..Support them.. I hope so I'll get the chance…..Thanks…to all…one thing in the last..we learned a lot in life..but real life is to let our lives healthy and Sound for our own selves..but wht we learned let the other Souls take full benefit from our experiences and learning's the best life we can have…❤💐💐💐Amen..

    • Great article! Great comments! I, too went through
      a divorce, and I continue to read and l learn so
      much about myself. Yes, it has felt like climbing
      Mt. Everest, but my Faith in God, He has continually pulled me through horrible circumstances
      and He has brought forth good that before
      was so bad. I am learning who I am, that I
      never would have learned had I stayed in the
      destructive marriage I was in. I’m amazed at
      55, the wonderful loving supportive people
      God brings into my life. My life really is
      starting at 55. I’m trying to take a day at
      a time and see where God leads me. It’s
      exciting to learn and grow every day!

    • this is a very good article . I always believe that experiences in life specially bad and unfavorable one's are teaching us more than good and pleasant ones we always learn more in bad experiences and this is Divine method of testing our rediness for moving forward in our spiritual progress . when a person finds no means of solving his problems he tuns his mind towards Divine . till that time he is after pleasure hunting
      Thank you for bringing out such a good article

    • Sometimes things aren't so smooth. Bumpy roads lead us to where we should be going. Thank you for this article. It came to me just in the nick of time. How encouraging!

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