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    11 months, 2 weeks ago
    “I have hope
    in who I am becoming.

    I have belief in every scar and disgraceful word
    I have ever spoken
    or been told
    because it is still teaching me
    and I have hope in who I am becoming.

    They say it takes 756 days to run to someone you love
    and they also say that the only romance worth fighting for
    is the one with yourself
    and I know by now
    that they say a lot of things,
    people talking everywhere
    without saying a word,
    but if it took me all those years to learn myself
    or teach myself
    how to look into the mirror
    without breaking it
    I know for a fact that it was a fight worth fighting.

    I stood up for my own head and so did my heart
    and we are coming to terms with ourselves.
    Shaking hands, saying ”let’s make this work
    for we have places to go
    and people to see
    and we will need each other”
    So I have hope
    in who I am becoming.

    It’s July
    and I have hope in who I am becoming.”
    ― Charlotte Eriksson

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