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  • Power Lies Within You

    Only recently I was talking to a friend and he had kind of given up.
    He was a go-getter but he lost his job few months ago and had been jobless for a while. He was almost under depression. Rather…

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    • Great article! I can so relate to all of this!

    • Thanks..💖💐Bro.Shobhit..for a nice,inspiring,😀👊✊🤛👌👌👌👏👏👏👍and encouraging article.. yeah we have to trust fully on our instincts.. capacities.. Will to gain our desires.. and passion and love to achieve them..we are here in this world for a short span..wht we want to be ..wht goals we wanna acheive..we have to pursue struggle hard..with stamina ..with courage..with love..with trust in ourselves that we can make it happen…we need to be regular in our daily routines..we have to eat well..but with breaks.. we should have physical exercises.. things to captivate us mentaly in positive and productive ways.. we have to learn to manage our times..Life is so beautiful May all try to make it beautiful and inspiring.. encouraging for all..Allah..God..Bhgwan..Duta …all are name of a divine power…we believe all that there is some mystery in nature..there is a life hereafter..there is Some one to whom we pray ,to whom we feel we will get by pray and struggle .wht we want good for our selves.. and others ..But until we know the Art to love our ownsleves.. Trust in our guts and energies.. we can't be successful in this life which is too beautiful too lovely.. but too hard ..There are many hardships..trials..Risks..happinesses ,sorrows.. e.t.c..So we have to patient enough to reach our goals..and desires .But should make our best efforts .to make the most out of this life..💖💐Namaste…

    • Appreciate this ! Very eye opening.

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Power Lies Within You

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