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Are You Too Hurt To Forgive?

It had only been a week or so since her death. I was still reeling with emotion. Every cell of my body yearned for her...

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Overcoming The Loss Of Identity In Motherhood

Have you lost your identity in motherhood? So many people are desperate to find purpose and meaning in life. They search in vain outside of...

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Manifesting Your Destiny

Have you ever prayed, asking for wisdom, or promotion, or assets and found that your answer came in the form of a process that...

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The Secret to Manifest Your Vision

You have access to significant power, transformative power. One of the most powerful tools you’ve been entrusted with is also one of your most under-used....

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Authentically You

Do you ever feel like you live as multiple personalities? You’re one person at work. Another at the gym. And yet another with your friends...

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About me

Sara K. Wasser


Everyone possesses a unique gift and calling intended to enrich history and humanity. Similar to our fingerprints, the intended impact of each and every individual is unlike any other. When a person encounters the freedom to live profitably while also living authentically, the entire world benefits.

My passion is assisting you in uncovering your extraordinary potential – your unique gift and calling, so that you can receive freedom to live from your place of abundance. Heaven’s wealth, stored up for you, is set to follow your purpose. Once you discover Destiny’s design for your life and elect to live from that place of endowment, Heaven’s favor will reign over all your pursuits. My role in serving you is simple, I merely introduce you to the magnificence of who you’ve always been and who you’re destined to become.

Once awakened to your true identity and endowed power of influence you will leave your intended mark on the world, which includes exciting the next generation to do the same.

The peculiarity of each and every person demands a peculiarity of approach so no two sessions are alike. I draw liberally from my myriad life experiences. I was born to two immigrants, neither of whom became citizens. My father never learned to speak english. Poverty persistently threatened to destroy our meager existence. The pressures of life made for a destructive and tumultuous home.

From an early age, I committed myself to changing my legacy, to breaking the cycle of dysfunction, hopelessness, and poverty. Today, I aim to empower you to do the same.

My academic background includes a B.A. in Psychology with an emphasis in Religion and a Masters of Biblical & Theological Studies with an emphasis in Philosophy.

As an avid meditator, yoga instructor, and dream interpreter, I am foremost your spiritual advocate and accountability partner.


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