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The Value of a Moment

Have you ever experienced one of those moments when you looked into another person’s eyes and for the first time saw beyond their mask?...

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Certainty Equals Boredom

Do you crave certainty? Do you long to know if you’ll get the dream job, the house or the guy? When’s the best time to...

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A Lesson or a Gift?

Have you ever met someone that you would usually ignore, dismiss or convince yourself you have nothing in common with? As humans, we are very...

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Five Tips to Survive the Holiday Season

With the holiday season fast approaching, Christmas is a time of great celebration. People gather together to eat, drink and have fun. But for many,...

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Grief Has No Manners

Death comes to us all. It’s the only certainty in the craziness of life, and the one thing that connects us. No matter what we...

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The Power of No

No is a powerful word many of us shun. We believe that by saying yes rather than no, we reduce conflict in our lives. Does...

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5 Steps to Navigate Through Infertility

Are you 1 in 7? Do you feel mentally and physically exhausted from dealing with infertility? Are you stuck on an emotional rollercoaster, unable to...

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Meet Your Dream Halfway

What’s your dream? That thing that burns deep in your soul, whispering to you whenever the noise around you dissipates long enough for you to...

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Love Yourself First

Let me pose an important question. Do you love yourself? When I ask clients, I’m often greeted with a long silence. Sometimes it’s the first...

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Change Your Perspective, Change Your Life

Your thoughts are powerful, use them wisely. Misconceptions, conflict and complete differences of opinion are common in daily life; our minds have a lot to...

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The Value of a Moment

Certainty Equals Boredom

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