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The Power of Your Inner Fire and 4 Steps to Keep it Burning

Have you ever wondered what it is that motivates men and women to do great things? Have you ever read an interview with a successful...

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Aim For The Goal

Consider a man building a log cabin. As he scours the forest for suitable trees, his vision of the finished product will guide him. He...

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Accept Nothing Less than Success

What is reality? Is it the environment in which you find yourself? Is it the sense within you? Is it none of these things? When...

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Imagine the Opportunity of Possibility

Imagine an existence in which you are able to obtain anything you want. Nothing is denied to you. Nothing is too difficult, too expensive, too...

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Get Up!

What does the notion, 'get up' mean to you? Does it mean moving from a sitting position to a standing one? Perhaps switching from a lying position...

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How to Turn Adversity into an Opportunity

We all are very familiar with the notion of getting up. It is a phrase used to describe the act of rising from one position...

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