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I am going to live forever I looovee coffee

once again your succinct language has made short work of something very complex, thanks for this article and thanks you for your wisdom and for sharing you

I totally agree my friend I totally agree, so lets got tot he tasks at hand my dear brother

Brother once again your brilliance shines through i am honored to be in the same realm of social media as you are, you are truly a blessing

Hello Bryant and Jenni! so happy to be watching you guys as always, what a super team to be a part of! i am so glad we work together to bring a paradigm to the world in the sense of sharing and creating.

As usual Boss man on point

Absolutely love this!

This is an excellent article thank you @Kristi Ling

This is excellent advice and I am definitely going to use this

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About me

Rock Ramos

Self Taught Life Coach, Thought Leader, Student TLS, Author, Cinematographer,Photographer

Rock Ramos was born in 1966 in The South Bronx of New York City, after a rough upbringing in the streets of NYC He became a Medic in New York Citys NYC-EMS and then the New York City Fire Dept and served there for 14 years before retiring and seeking out his calling as a self-help coach and cinematographer/photographer/Author, He is also a single dad. His Quotes have been seen on the SImple Reminder Facebook Page and the Facebook Group named “The Royal Society” who was founded by Bestselling Author Bryant McGill and Jenni McGill. he is also a student of Bryant McGills Thought Leader School and is looking forward to working closely with his fellow thought leaders in the School as well as Bryant McGill in their vision to bring hope and help to a troubled world.


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