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  • Partha Nandi wrote a new post

    It is a simple drink, lemon and water, but research is suggesting it may have a host of great benefits for your health. Plus, you can drink it throughout the day as part of a regular routine but warm lemon water […]

    Benefits of Lemon Water in the Morning

    It is a simple drink, lemon and water, but research is suggesting it may have a host of great benefits for your health. Plus, you can drink it throughout the day as part of a regular routine but warm...

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    • Nice article !on drinking lemon water in our daily routines…💖👑💐Thanks!Doc partha Nanďi..lemon water's benefits are a lot as you a short but quite an inspired way..I think no need to talk about it more….it's quite enough.. But I only say..Lemon has really beneficial effects on our health.. in hit and humid areas it helps in the problem of dehydration because of excessive heat…when used with's good to use in salads…it do reduced weight.. it's good to use in diets…it is refreshing and soothing.. for mind and Soul.. In daily routine use of Lemon.. is good for health.. it has components that can be a relief and cure in many stomach.. heart burning.. managing energy….in the human body.. even the cancer…it's use is so's health giving components are a lot…as you told many benefits..good for skin health well as taking as a liquid ….lemon water is all time good for health..Drink lemon water…at times a day..add it in diets.. wanna get smarter drink warm lemon water glass per day .😀yeah but with it balanced diet and exercise is must….💖👑Thanks again Doc..Nanďi for letting us aware of our health and always give us best tips to lead a healthy life…..

    • I've known about the benefits of lemon water for years and periodically, I need to be reminded to follow my morning tradition. I've found your website and your cookbook extremely helpful! Thank you Dr. Nandi and to the McGill team for posting your article!

    • I’ve been drinking lemon with warm water for a long time now and it gives me a lot of benefits. It fights my seasonal allergy, boost my metabolism, fights hunger and many more.

    • I've been drinking warm Lemon Honey water first thing in the morning instead of reaching for coffee for a couple months now. I haven't been sick but haven't really noticed any of these other benefits 😑

    • Great Article on Lemon Water I add Ginger and fresh Mint Leaves truly amazing what the Earth Provides is what we need to thrive.

    • We have water and lemons! Will start tomorrow!! Luck to us!!

    • I thought I could just use bottled water and stick fresh lemon in it! Do you have to leave it overnight?

    • Yes, I’ve heard of it. I previously said I couldn’t do it, but you’ve changed my mind. I’m going to try it, after reading about the benefits. I reckon the advantages weigh out the disadvantages. Guess what’s in my shopping list?!

    • Great Gratitude 🙏 to You Doctor Nandi and for All Medical experts, medical staff that save our beautiful lives!!! Incredible Advice about lemon water with pure honey!!! It is certainly a miraculous natural cocktail!!! I also like to boil my water in mint or basil 🌿 and then add lemon, honey and cinnamon sticks. Lemon, vinegar and baking soda are healthy natural cleaners for our house and clothes!!! Hippocrate advised that Apple 🍎 cider vinegar is extremely valuable for our health!!! Thank you soooo much Doctor for your Always Amazing Advice!!!

    • we in India people know these benefits. our climate is such that it very hot in summer and lime water is a common drink here thank you for pointing out the benefits

    • I love lemon water my Mother used to drink it when i was a little girl and I didn't know how she could drink it. Now I drink it a lot and she doesn't haha. I go through highs and lows with this but there is some level of consistency in drinking lemon water. It us just so refreshing and feel so good!

      Thanks Dr. Partha Nandi!

  • HATERS are like crickets. Crickets make a lot of noise, you hear it but you can´t see them, then right when you walk by them, they´re quiet. 👑💎👑
  • Bryant McGill wrote a new post

    Watch the video above for an important message about your power.
    The worst lies are the ones we tell ourselves. The worst verbal abuse comes from our own tongue. The most negative influence is the devil on our […]

    You are the placebo. Inverse psychosomatics and faith. ​The power of words and intention.

    Watch the video above for an important message about your power. The worst lies are the ones we tell ourselves. The worst verbal abuse comes from our own tongue. The most negative influence is the devil on our own shoulder....

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    • Thank you so much for this meaningful article that actually helps me to be happier about myself. 😀 i start to be aware of self-judgement in terms of personality and character improvements are indeed judgement and should be avoided. There's must be a better way to express the improvement. It can be done through gratitude of life and expression of what solution can be. I can give life to solution with my words. Thanks a lot for your kind reminder and as always, ciao for now 😀 have a wonderful day and night 😀 much love, form hk, loklok

    • Dear Bryant & Jenni: I watched your broadcast (via: Facebook). I believe we need to be ourselves & not feel like we're walking(on egg shells), because what is said(could offend others): & we should have that freedom(1st Amendment)to do/say what we mean”Be Authentic” If someone doesn't like it-Don't listen/Don't watch/No one is forcing you to like something you don't like! “Just Sayin”! Peace/Love & Light! Have A Blessed Evening To All!

    • Needed this SO much! You guys are amazing! 💕💜😇


    • Once I learned (in 2002) that I was born with everything I need to be “absolutely” happy (vs relevantly happy) I can now be still in the ‘love that I AM’….. Most powerful freedom, An unshakable Joy. Namaste’ 🙏🏼

    • Thanks!Sir Bryant and Sweet Butterfly.. 🦋👯‍♀️Mam Jenni..💖👑💐for a nice broad cast..It's really inspiring.. and meaning ful.. Full of wisdom….and beautiful thoughts…that really uplifts one's Soul and mind….and provoke's….zeal and zest in…all…to Love oneself more…and enjoy a real…Stable.. happy blessed life…and to make one own self….a better person..and to make others more ease and comfortý..However any behaviour is irritating or good…treat them well…Listen..don't argue..with a pleasant gesture…Beautiful soothing words you can ease the hardest tough soul…who thinks he can control everything and he is he…wht he says wht his motto of life is right….We face challenges all through our lives..we have to face negative behaviours.. attitudes ..feelings..emotions.. our day to day life..we have to be patient enough..Stable.. positive . Courageous.. cool,relaxxx..and calm to treat people well with our beautiful thoughts..words…doings…behaviours.. that can make us more calm..positive ..relaxed a happy..and can effect good on others..who ever they are..Love and gratitude is the beauty of life.. To lead a healthy life..we have to be on Some ñomes.Life is never easy we have to make it easy and pleasant with our positive approaches..Love yourself…Be keen to explore who you are wht are you desires.. passions .wht are your treasures.. and then make room for yourselves in your life timetable.. be with your self.. use your instincts .ideas.. judgements..words….powers and energies to ease your Soul,mind and body to have a better version of yours…to çreat a better healthy happy life for you..and to ease Souls and minds with and's life..It's God Almighty's gift for us…So Love yourself and be a Source of love for all human's and creatures in this world…Others will move forward with you..Just trust on yourself and your instincts..and the power and energy in your own self……One Single Soul is so blessed by God Almighty that it can do miracles…..and it's the love…that makes the close ….Soul to Soul love….that's the divine love that can make us more human…and positive…One person can't be complete unless..he or she is loving..caring for others .and one is contected to one another like beads..through out our lives….we are all one..we need…each other.. we are meant to work with each other…we have to benefit each other.. we have to….and useful for each other.. So love yourself and move forward in life be with others..close to their hearts and Souls..and transfer positive,loving..energies into each other….it's the best way to live a healthy..happy..purposeful life….💖👑Amen

    • This is absolutely 100% FACT! Dr. Joe Dispenza teaches and demonstrates this FACT! Thank you so much Bryant and Jenni!! 🙏💕😇
      You two are the true teachers that society really needs to absorb!

    • Yes, I’ve done this myself. It’s almost similar to Witchcraft, in that, when you are casting a spell you must have a strong intention to make it work. Or if I was ill, the power of healing intention has helped me recover, or I prevented the illness from getting worse. This is true and a great topic. It’s the same when you use the power of words or suggestion to someone else. Once the seed is sewn in their minds, it’s hard to dismiss. Fascinating subject! Yes, we are the placebo, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s the placebo effect or not, if it works, it works, and I’ll use it. Some people will say that it’s the placebo effect like it’s a bad thing, but if we are using the power of our minds to make us feel better, then so be it.

    • Thank you so much once again.

    • Thank you Bryant and Jenni for this beautiful broadcast. I hope it will open the mind of many who always saying blahh blahhh blahhh. I have encountered those kind of people many times and i feel pity for them. They said blahhh blahhh blahhh because they can’t accept what we are saying are true… this broadcast is an eye opener. Thank you once again

    • Hello i am from the Netherlands and follow you already a few years. My life is still a big mess.. it helps to read you simpel reminders every day.. i can't get my life back on track. Losing job's Health and life partner. I want to learn from you. Thanks very much what you do for us.. need help to believe in my self again.. thanks

    • Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

      True spirituality involves absolute truth! When you meet with truth it changes you, makes a difference in you! Truly spiritual people then share and initiate change, make a difference in other people’s lives!

      For years I read only from a narrow category, but in recent years have read from a variety of sources. While reading on the law of attraction, manifesting, and intention, it helped me understand HOW faith works!

      It seems to me that division of religions has hidden or watered down the whole complete picture of truth, as each religion clings to certain parts of truth, or highlights mans ideas over absolute truth.

      Preconceived ideas really are roadblocks to truth sometimes. The method of “fake news” is really an old old concept, lol!

      Much love to you Jenni and Bryant!

    • Loved this topic ! Great live <3

    • Thank you for the lesson!!!! You are both awesome…I take back my blahblahblah…lol…I am getting so much better at listening!

    • love u both … thxxxxx

    • I love you guys😘😘😘

    • Simply Powerful

      “We feel a divine obligation to share what we know.” Jenny Young McGill

      “What words can do, can be undone by words.” Bryant Mcgill

    • Thank you Jenni and Bryant for another great broadcast. I need to read this again 🙂

  • Silence is the food of soul when you have no words approved by your conscience to speak.

    Just saying

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  • “We are like secret weapons all disguised as #pretty. Our least important trait. Fierce with love & passion-in-action for changing the world.” -Jo Davis

    #liftAsisterUP ❤ #liftAbrotherUP #beKind #beBrave #beRoyal #doersnotcomplainers #entreprenuers #beautifulyoustudios #loveyourself #youDOyou

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  • My Goal has always been to Surround myself with people who talk about visions and ideas not people. – Young Motion is Robert James Walls Jr.
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  • I’m no expert on women.

    In fact, after a divorce, it would be fair to say that I failed miserably with the woman in my life.

    Upon further reflection, however, I learned a few things about how to treat, l […]

    How to Love a Woman

    I’m no expert on women. In fact, after a divorce, it would be fair to say that I failed miserably with the woman in my life. Upon further reflection, however, I learned a few things about how to treat, love and...

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    • This article is on fire and burning with the needs of all women. Keep lighting your match. Loved it.

    • This is an article based western thinking and marriage. .which is correct in the prospective western society and culture in India and most of the Easter world the marriage is a relationship between a man and woman which is considered very much Divine ,specially in Hinduism . I am married for last forty four years and we had no problems of this kind . one thing is we both try adjust each other and love is basis that. separations do happen as an exception in extreme cases. but marriage and love are for the whole life

      Owing to the western influence and education people have started more assertive and the trend is changing
      I have read a lot of postings in the face book about the sufferings of people the problems mostly non existent in our society. the outlook of people has to change to get rid of the problem. love do not mean physical attraction but joining of two souls {JEEVA ATMA—Divine spark within us} once we are able to establish it that is for ever

    • Love is the most amazing feeling. Feeling loved is not a privelege is a necessity!! We can't live as human beings without love. What different our world would be, if we love each other instead of hating each other. Love, compassion, are the main elements for a healthy relationship. We should not take our partners for granted. Some relationships are shaped in a manipulative way in the name of love. Love has nothing to do with having your house tidy, your husband's clothes clean, it has to do with your inner feelings. Feeling desired is the strongest of all.

    • Very beautifully written and great advice..
      It is also rare to find a man who understands and appreciates a woman.
      Sadly it seems like when one is younger you will try to please a man by changing…a very big mistake..
      Seeing that it's a hopeless situation when one does
      everything their way you lose yourself…
      It is not worth the pain or heartache.
      It is easier to walk away even if you feel your heart is breaking..
      You are your own person and need to be strong enough to say enough is enough..
      One sided relationships are not a real …
      They are an illusion…only a good for him..
      Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts …

    • This is so spot on. Nothing he said was about diamonds or furs or expensive places. It was the emotional things that money can't buy. The little things that really aren't little but that show you he cares.

    • First i will thank you for illustrating about woman so beaitifully and deeply analysing the excerpts … but some men don't like counselling because they are aware of their faults and if they are forced to go for counselling they become more violent ….actually they are mentally ill people…they need treatment…sometimes they are powerful people of the society and they make others puppet ….so certain people don't change…

    • Not all men… Try open your heart for another.
      Am. Also single, I suffered some thing

    • I am a woman and I AGREE with EVERY SINGLE WORD of this!

      P.S. Make that chocolate a box of assorted ones!

    • Beautiful article! Thank you for taking the time to write and share this. This is a great reminder and offers great easy to understand information to men and women and young boys and girls all over the world. I really Love that you removed personal bias/perspective and any focus on religious aspects from this and just focused on the individual essence of Women. Thank you a ton! And yes, chocolate is ALWAYS appreciated 🙂

    • Wow this Is so powerful and beautiful article. I've read many articles here but this is different because it shows the value of a woman. Beautiful.

    • Thanks for Sharing…in reference to the wrote about…Being a worthy companion male..and female..demands love ,care ,respect…Trust.. acknowledging importance of each other.. should have patience ..should be Soul companion…Love is the main thing…love of soul..that.. make both live a happy life together…

    • What a wonderful article! Every point it's on the right place! Beautiful and helpful insights. Thank you!

    • Such a sweet article. You should be commended on your hard work, jumping back into the classroom of relationships. All for the sake of growing, learning, & understanding another's needs & wants. It's a beautiful thing!

    • Thanks for sharing. Its great to know how woman are being valued in this manner

    • This should be a must read for both partners. We all basically want to feel appreciated and reminded we are. Treat you partner as your best friend. My husband put up a great front for his friends but not so much for me. He was the most controlling, critical mate with me but never with a friend or even a coworker. Be kind and loving and reap the rewards. Learn the word sorry. Can't remember him having it in his vocabulary, ever. He even criticized me for saying it. I loved the entire article. Thank you for sharing your incite.

    • I like this comment which reminds me to stop over-thinking things and let the heart lead. Thank you.

    • Appreciate it Varinia.

      Yes, thanks to Jenni and Bryant for the opportunity to share my writing here.

    • I'm waiting to here the but 🙂

    • Feeling the depth of soul on soul…. just wow!

    • I think men should be treated with the same respect and kindness as women. Trust is the key ingredient to a successful relationship.

  • Sometimes life doesn't give you what you want, not because you don't deserve it but because you deserve so much more.

    Simple Reminder

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  • Happy you, happy me, that's how happy oughta be!
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  • It is so true… The universe is watching & more than willing to give is everything we need. But it can't connect with us if we are ungrateful, complaining & swimming in a lack mindset. 💥💥💥The coolest thing EVER is that we become overflowingly abundant with gratitude when we start serving others. Like a bright light, the universe says…there you…Read More
  • Human Family
    By Maya Angelou

    I note the obvious differences
    in the human family.
    Some of us are serious,
    some thrive on comedy.

    Some declare their lives are lived
    as true profundity,
    and others claim they really live
    the real reality.

    The variety of our skin tones
    can confuse, bemuse, delight,
    brown and pink and beige and…Read More

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  • Human Family
    By Maya Angelou

    I note the obvious differences
    in the human family.
    Some of us are serious,
    some thrive on comedy.

    Some declare their lives are lived
    as true profundity,
    and others claim they really live
    the real reality.

    The variety of our skin tones
    can confuse, bemuse, delight,
    brown and pink and beige and…Read More

  • Positive quote of the day: life is an adventure and sometimes you just have to say . Hold on to your hats everybody . Stephanie Robles 😂🌸
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  • Lift A Sister UP
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  • the visual images, symbols or modes of representation collectively associated with a person, cult, or movement; as in the iconography of religion, pop culture (or government).


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    • human mind is connected with an images and idea or a word. eg. the the word tree brings the picture of a tree in our mind . so any idea to be understood we require words as well as images. that is why both religions and nations use a picture or fiag or an image. in Huduisum all Gods have images

    • While iconography is most evident in paintings, it is also present in architecture, monuments, indeed everywhere we look.

    • such as royal love, 👑💖
      or royal fire 👑🔥

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