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  • Bryant McGill wrote a new post

    Watch the video above for an important missing ingredient for building the life you want.
    If you want more from life — start by counting your blessings instead of counting your losses, deficits and wants. I […]

    Do You Have This One Very Important Attribute You Need To Build The Life You Want?

    Watch the video above for an important missing ingredient for building the life you want. If you want more from life — start by counting your blessings instead of counting your losses, deficits and wants. Impatience, resentment, jealousy and endless...

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    • Great broadcast!

    • One of the best messages ever delivered. Spoke directly to my soul. Described my life in detail.

    • Thea From Fort Worth, Tx. Maintaining a positive state of mind

    • I heard you guys say the words in advance a little bit ago and it made me think about what I do alot of times and it is lolol I'm listening to y'all as I'm writing lol thats funny…attention span of a gold fish. Is it prep work? I walk alot in nature and I like to mow out my path to make it a easier and more enjoyable walk. Anything we can do for ourselves ahead of time increases our ability to manifest. You think?

    • After listening the second time, I tried to understand the concepts of self-acceptance and try to remember the reminder of knowing that when the trajectory is going up, things will be great. Even though there are some small ups and downs in life. 🙂 and knowing that trajectory can help me to let go of things that would cost my inner peace and peace of mind. We should not be trapped in local maxima and local minima of life, and help ourselves to understand the bigger picture with awareness and feel the security and maintain good friendship with the people that matter to each other. Patience is essential to inner peace, without patience, the negative emotion would block my opportunities of good friendships. 🙂

    • Thanks!Sir Bryant and Mam Jenni..for really an amazing,useful…in life….inspiring a encouraging article
      ..and also watched your nice video…💖👑💐To live life is to live a life with passions,desires,Stablitiy ,harmony..Love,Self confidence.. eagerness…zeal and zest.. for it one have to have trust on oneown Self…Should have the courage to take own desicion.. to carry on life routines with happiness..vigour and enthusiasm..We are not 1oo percent satisfy with wht we are doing but we Should do our best wht we aim for..wht we like to do..wht we feel to do..never Always results totally in favour.. but we have to do our best..and be patient and hope ful.. If you feel weak at doing something's.. that weak points can be your success Signal….Go,move forward…look ahead..wht is over leave it..get strength with by loving your Soul.. by loving your passions and desires..There is not a word impossible.. Trust in God Almighty.. Use your powers,energies..capabilities..abilities.. energies for positive,good causes your health increases your mind expands…you get a healthy mind and body.. and your inner continuesly thrive for more work…more achievements.. more motivations.. more ready to get the best out of life…Enjoy a life of health and pleasure..and be a Source of love,care and compassion for all….Life is wht you make out of it…You have to seek for goodness and beauty…it can never be achieved unless you work hard for it. Live a healthy happy life..and make life healthy and happy for others….💖👑👍👍👍👍👍

    • absolutely gutted there is no sound on your video would have loved to hear what you guys were talking of thank you so much for all you both do i found this article very interesting as sometimes on the rare occasion ill slip into bad habits of thinking enough though i fully am ware i do it helps to drag myself back up again feel changed feel lest empty more fuller each and everyday you guys are amazing blessing to this world xx

    • 👍🏻😊👑💖
      Thank you!

    • Love this broadcast !
      Dream BIG … this is our special life!

    • Manifestation, dazzling, unreal, incredible, addictive!!! When One reaches a high level of day dream, everything is sooo peaceful, magical, lovely, that you want to stay forever and for always and never return to this soooo “ logical world”!! Now here comes the balance that Queen Jenni and King Bryant aforementioned!!! They know Everything!!! They are Magical!!! An ancient Greek quote written on the Temple of Apollon (god of light and music) sais! “Μηδέν Άγαν» which means Nothing excessive! One of the great philosophers Kleovoulos said! “Παν μέτρον άριστον which means Everything in balance is perfection! Queen Jenni and King Bryant are the modern great Philosophers!!!❤️🏆🥇🏆🥇🏆🥇❤️🙏🌹⭐️🦋💕🌈👑👑👑👑👑🌺🌙🦄🦄🦄🦄

    • I really enjoyed this broadcast. Listening to it for a second time. <3 🙂

    • As you stated Bryant, along these lines: “Spiritual leaders not giving you the full picture”. I've sensed, seen and said this very thing for a long time. Thank you Bryant and Jenni for “Being”. Shared energy here. Compassion Heart to heart.

    • Yes, i think i lack confidence in myself at times. I dont have much money to buy my way out of this eternal mess im in. I dont ferl i have that extra zing anymore

    • I’m not a well person so it’s physically hard for me to get from one day to another and one thought to another…. depression and physical pain is wearing me down a consttbattle as well as sleep deprivation

    • You two just make me smile! 😘

    • Ruth I love your attitude and outlook on life.. What you said was so inspiring to me. I have been following Simpleminders for a lot time and they always make my days so much brighter. I agree we should always take the time to help others when we can, it always makes me feel so good. Diane

    • I love this video and article very much. I had times in my life when at sometimes in deep sadness. but I have great Faith in God and His doings and i was able to get out of it our mind is responsible for all sufferings
      This article and video gives correct direction whens one's life in a turning point I am of the opinion that reading of this article and seeing and hearing the talk will give an insight to all


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