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I’m lonely, but I miss my family. I miss people whom I used to have in my life. Eating more unhealthy food is “not” a tendency I have. I go to the gym all the time, so I’m not an overweight comfort eater. I don’t really like food....

This is a wake up call for me. I sometimes go on my phone to relax before bedtime. It “is” my eyes which get sore and tired. I often get headaches, but I blamed that on something else. I used to sleep with my phone next to my head...

People talk about going through a hard time or a tough spell which will pass. Some people have a hard time all their lives. It can be a constant sift through thick mud, with several issues all circling round them. We just have to resolve them or suffer them....

Yes, I am looking for purpose, meaning and structure in my life. But I’m unable to meet anyone who will meet me half way or find anything I enjoy here. I miss being a Gran, as my Granddaughters live too far away. People are all too selfish to invite...

I should add, I think it depends also, on whether the dog is a cared for pet, or a stray. It’s just common sense, I think. It’s a very good article, and thought provoking. Often we need information to guide us and prevent us from ill health rather than...

I don’t have a dog, but my Son and his Wife do. I don’t see the dog very often though as they live far away. When I visit, the dog licks me. I’ve been in people’s houses who allow their dogs to jump up and lick you whether...

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The 5 Seasons of Life View Comment
  • @Paton
  • June 19, 2018

Doubt, uncertainty, stagnant, thinking, restless.What season is that? I don’t think there is one for the way I feel.

Our thoughts are based on the information or knowledge we already have or seek. We can only make choices based on what we know. Our choices and thoughts will be limited as a result of what we know. They will be limited. Something limits us beyond our thoughts. Otherwise...

I have got time to prioritise my well-being, but I don’t always do it to the extent I feel I need to. It comes in bursts of enthusiasm. I decide to give myself a shake and smarten up. I’m on my own, so I have no excuse. Yet, I...

Yes, I’ve done this myself. It’s almost similar to Witchcraft, in that, when you are casting a spell you must have a strong intention to make it work. Or if I was ill, the power of healing intention has helped me recover, or I prevented the illness from getting...

There’s more to it than that, much more. I’m not sure I can define what it is, like intelligence. I’m not really into what successful people say about happiness. Quite often they think they got there themselves, but they didn’t. It’s an illusion. You can’t be successful unless you...

I just take normal coffee out of a jar, and Cappuccino sachets. I limit myself to about 4, maximum 5. To be honest, I rarely finish it all! I’m pleased to hear that it’s healthy. It will only help me to live longer though if I don’t get hit...

We have to look after ourselves in order to cope with daily life. If we don’t care, who will. It makes you feel better, gives you more confidence and uplifts your mood. No one is perfect or always 100% committed, but if you do it for yourself, it will...

I did know about spices being healthy but I’m not a spicy food lover, unfortunately. Unless it’s very mild indeed.

There’s lots of good information in this article. I’ve tried loads of things and always achieved the goals that were set for me, but I could never take it any further. It’s a long story, but I seemed to keep hitting a brick wall every time, or obstacles. I...

Yes, I know the difference between sadness and depression. I have Depression and anxiety, but I also suffer sadness.

I use this salt but I was unaware of “all” the benefits of it. Very useful, helpful information. Thank you

I’m in constant pain emotionally. There’s no escape from cruel and nasty people. I’m surrounded by them. This morning I wasn’t sure if I could carry on feeling this way. I don’t see a light st the end of the tunnel at the moment. It’s relentless. I’ve got horrible...

My chronic pain is emotional more than physical. But, I am troubled by lower back pain and take medication for it. It must be awful for people who are sufferers of worse physical pain than myself. I hope they find some comfort.

I think we all observe and make judgements to an extent. It’s a built in safety mechanism to prevent us from danger. Criticising isn’t necessary nor are rude comments, or gossip. It happens though, even though I don’t get involved with it myself. People will disagree with others. We...

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