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Addiction: Risk Factors, Symptoms & Treatments

Addiction is a complex, serious, but treatable disease that affects someone’s brain and body. It can manifest in the form of compulsive use of...

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Why Am I Always So Cold?

If it seems as if you’re always shivering like a wet puppy, while everyone is comfortably toasty, there may be a physical problem. In...

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Why Am I So Stressed?

Twenty percent of Americans are “extremely” stressed according to a recent Forbes article. Some cite concerns about money, relationships, or their job, but whatever...

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What is Heart Disease?

Your heart is located between your lungs, in the middle of the chest cavity. The heart, a muscular organ, is responsible for pumping blood...

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Could Cancer Be Detected In Your Breath In Just Ten Minutes?

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This Breakfast Combo May Help Prevent Heart Attacks

When you wake up and make yourself some oatmeal and reach for that glass of OJ, did you know that you by powering these...

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Are Artificial Sweeteners Making You Gain Weight?

Losing weight is tough, and there are times when we stray from our goal. But when we commit to a healthier lifestyle, we reap...

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How To Deal With Diabetes And Weight Gain

Diabetes and weight gain are often linked, with people assuming that weight gain leads to diabetes, without truly understanding the relationship. Reducing stress, increasing...

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Importance Of Being Present As A Parent

Parents have it hard. There’s no denying that. Everyone has a better idea of how you should be parenting and most of them are fully...

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How To Improve Your Meditation Practice

Do you want to experience more happiness, better health, less stress, and less anxiety in your life? I bet you do! Mindfulness and meditation are...

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