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  • Is Sitting Too Long Bad For My Health?

    An experiment using a hip-mounted accelerometer was done to analyze the movement of adults over 45.

    What was found was that on average, sedentary behavior accounted for about 12.3 hours of an average 16-hour waking day.

    That only left 3.7 hours…

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    • Dear Dr. Nandi, Partha: I would like to be part of this study!? Due to my age(50+) & My line of work(Housekeeping)…….I often wonder if I'm moving enough!? I have issues with waking up in the middle of the night or early morning(with leg cramps): and then trying to go back to sleep): Thanks for sharing.

    • Dear loved ones,
      Thank you for reminding me not to sit many hours in front of my computer,although it is still work I'm doing, but, you are Very right at my age I shouldn't be doing this anymore. Any way I still do exercise everyday and also I go walking every evening for 30 to 45 minutes. As Beverly Hills
      In Egypt it is a nice place to go walking.
      I wish you a lovely blessed day,

    • this article is very good and reminder for those who work in I T sector the problem with office work it is some times the work require long time to site in the same place for a
      long time the guidance is very good and thank you for the same

  • Is Your Brand Of Coffee Causing Cancer?

    If you’re anything like me you love a good cup of coffee in the morning. But a recent California lawsuit is raising concerns that the process involved in making it could potentially be harmful to our health.

    Read on to…

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    • I use M&S coffee and I don’t drink any of the others. Sounds scary, the things we don’t know. I also tend to leave my coffee until it’s cold! And it’s only an arm length away from me! Or I forget about it. It’s a very interesting article and topic. I hate the idea of cigarette smoke being used to make coffee!! I don’t smoke, so it would be horrible to think I was swallowing the stuff, or any amount of it. Thanks for bringing this topic to our awareness.

    • Thanks Dr. Nandi! Good to know.

  • Partha Nandi wrote a new post 2 months ago

    4 Benefits of Black Garlic

    Black garlic has been used for many years in Asia both as an ingredient in recipes and because of its health benefits. The black bulb happens due to fermenting raw garlic through prolonged exposure to heat and humidity. Black…

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  • 7 Health Benefits of Pineapple

    It’s sweet. It’s tasty. It reminds of being away on vacation! Did you know the pineapple and its juice is full of health benefits? The candy of the fruit world should be added to your diet and enjoyed!
    1. Pineapple…

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  • Partha Nandi wrote a new post 3 months ago

    Top 7 Gluten-Free Grains For People With Celiac Disease

    The “gluten-free” trend has become so popular over recent years that in almost every food establishment, you can find a gluten-free option. Eating gluten-free is a diet that many adopt for specific health reasons, others for potential weight loss,…

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    • Wonderful article..I have tried eating Gluten free diet and it has really helped me. However, I never heard about “Teff”. I will definitely try incorporating it as well.. Thank you for sharing !

  • Don’t Toss Out That Banana Peel

    We know the health benefits of eating bananas.
    That has been told to us for years and years. Recently, however, nutritionists and researchers having been looking into the peels with some surprising results. The banana peel has some incredible health…

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  • Health Benefits of Chickpeas

    You can call them chickpeas or garbanzo beans but make sure you add these legumes to your diet! They are as tasty as they are healthy. Chickpeas are one of the oldest cultivated food in the middle east and…

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  • Partha Nandi wrote a new post 4 months ago

    Stock Your Kitchen With These Cancer-Fighting Foods

    Your nutritional choices play a big part in your overall health.
    That’s why it’s so important to nourish your body with healthy foods. Food is powerful. It can fight off depression, boost your mood and even help prevent cancer and…

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  • 10 Easy Ways To Safely Lose Weight

    How cool would it be to get on the path to achieving your best body? Summer is just around the corner, and many of my patients are asking me how they can safely lose weight … and keep it…

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    • Thanks..dear..Doc..Nandì💖👑💐For a Nice article..about health care and diet…and to be our own health hero..That's the Rocky Spirit of one's to take care of his ,her whole health and wellbeing..👍Active,healthy life style..proper balanced walk..Naps at least for two times just even for 15 minutes…and yeah v.well said 7,8 hours Night Sleep is so best for mind and body mechanism…to work more the next day with active mind and body…with happiness ,vigour and enthusiasùm..Love your self more,Take care of yourself more to make others..Happy..and to be a Source of love.. care and compassion for.. all..Amen…Thanks again Doc..for taking time to let us aware to be our own health hero to be a better part of the Society and to be a Source of love and healing and productive for other Souls..💖💐👍

    • Thank you Dr. Nandi for your valuable advice!! When I was younger I was always depriving myself of all the delicious food, just so I can have a flat stomach and a flat belly,!! I was watching my family eat all this ambrosia food and I was only making happy my imagination but not my taste buds! We only have one life to live sooo I have decided to enjoy all the heavenly food but just like You advised Doctor, in smaller portions, with plenty of water with miracle lemon and exercise!! I do admit that I have some extra pounds, but I love my body because now I don’t have to sit and stare, I can also enjoy!! My new idea is to eat everything in balance! Thank you Dr. Nandi! 🙏🙏🙏

    • My weight issues don't govern my life. These issues are more than aggravating, they're illusive denial. I'm the one who has to eat like a bird in order to lose pounds, impossible. I do fluctuate about 20 pounds less by :
      Eating a small portion of nuts for breakfast, 4 glasses of water, coffee with stevia , cream, and coconut oil.
      Eating nuts throughout day and coffee to curb cravings.
      Lunch is protein with vegetables or eggs with cheese or cottage cheese.
      Supper is protein and vegetables again. Tea and coffee.
      If necessary one Dove square.
      Or whip cream with melted Dove square.
      Or crushed ice in cup with 1 juiced lemon or lime, add stevia to taste. Eat with spoon.
      No more than 15-20 carbs a day. Snack can be dill pickles, olives, salami and hard cheese, boiled eggs.

    • Thanks for sharing this educative article. a lot to learn from it.

    • Great article , Dr. Nandi! Highly recommend your book, “Ask Dr. Nandi”! You are truly a gift to preventative medicine! Thank you.

  • 3 Biggest Fears About Getting a Colonoscopy

    Have you been putting off getting a colonoscopy because the very thought of it fills you with dread and terror? You are not alone! I personally witness so much fear around this procedure. Guess what? The fear is unnecessary….

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    • Hi.Doc..Nanďi.. 💖👑💐First time hearing about..colonoscopy…Nice article to have it treated with courage and will power…as our own health you explained in detail colon..cancer..This era is really so hilarious.. dangerous . diseases we never heard about are spreading due to different reasons..not only genetic .because of stress..unhealthy food intake..bad and in healthy ways and living styles..e.t.c..we should have twice a year some important blood tests…according to the advice of the doctor.. make our selves healthy and relaxed life yoga..good food intake and if any symptoms do occur consult the doctor as soon as possible.or if not obvious symptoms..any pain..fatigue..stress or any kind of physical or mental stress..drowsiness..weakness..can't been able to do normal works easily..get in touch as soon as possible with the physician…Lastly.. live a active healthy activities.. drink water more..proper solid..high energy foods not with artificial flavours..but the foods should be in natural eatables..fruits..vegetables.. milk..yougurt …dry fruits..preferably chicken than meat ..fresh juices.. tea.citrus ..and a lot more like that health managing foods..and diets..that can build up your immune system against harmful diseases.. and their your self.. smile a active…lead a healthy happy life..and spread love and affection to other hearts…Life will be worth living..although we can't predict about health or death.. But we should try to live a life with out stress with happy moods..and positive and constructive works.. God's help care and love is for all..May we be blessed by happy health life..Amen

    • If the first colonoscopy went like mine ….I wouldn't get another one. First the Golytely ….wasn't sure if to piuk or poop. Spent the evening and most of the night in The bathroom. The aesthetic did no take so I was awake at all time and when I could not endure pain I asked MD to stop. So he took me to another room where they inflated my colon with air for about 30 min.and they took an MRI that lasted forever (I'm cloustrofobic). They let me go home and 1 hour later I was pooping g my heart out for 2 days so bad they performed a stool test . I had to wear diapers for 4 days. Results : “is all ok”. I was 50 at the time. Now is coming back and ….I'm not in terror. I'm inSUPER TERROR.

    • All Doctors perform miracles!! They are Angels on Earth! Cancer, what a terrifying killer!!! All my family died from this very ugly, mean monster! My beautiful father, my gorgeous sister and many more!! My sister died from stage 4 colon cancer! My mom at 85 had colon cancer and she is a remarkable survivor! When a person is elderly the cancer cells do not multiply fast! Everyone including myself, we absolutely need a colonoscopy just like Dr. Nandi advised! I A colonoscopy is a scary procedure for all the reasons Dr. Nandi described!! I never knew there was no pain during this procedure!! Thank you Dr. Nandi for your miraculous advice!!!🙏🙏🙏

    • Dr Nandi…thanks for sharing this great article…I saw people did gascoscopy and colonoscopy and they looked a little uncomfortable but they said it was not painful….we have to do what's necessary for our health, namaste bhai….

    • I have a colonoscopy every 5 yrs and the intervention itself is harmless, I use the sedation before, and that goes very well, no pain, it’s done in a very short period!
      The thing that I don’t like is the preparation beforehand, it’s yukky tasting and makes me feel nauseated, after this just have to stay close to the toilet, because you have to empty your intestinal system! On the overall, it’s not that incommodating

    • A colonoscopy saved my life. The hardest part is the prep!!! As for the actual procedure you don't feel it at all. I had colon cancer it was caught at stage 1. I din't have to have chemo or radiation. So please get one!!!

  • 3 Serious Reasons to Stop Using Your Smartphone at Night

    When you curl up in bed each night, do you take your smartphone with you?
    Most people do. It might seem like the perfect opportunity to check your email, play a little candy crush, see what your friends are up…

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    • Thanks for the health reminder, Sharing love <3 wish u all the best. much love, loklok

    • You can buy swanwicks bluelight glasses on my website, that protects the eyesite and brainactivity from the light, and makes you sleep well after using your iphone. 😊😎👍

    • Thanks!Doc.Nandi for the nice Article…❤👑💐Cell phone Should be used best when you need to work on it..or using any app for casual times…when you manage time for it in your routine day times..late night..and night use of cell one can be really harmful for health.. Good advices..and year we have to be our own health hero.. to live a healthy ..happy life..Thanks again❤👑💐Namaste..

    • This is a wake up call for me. I sometimes go on my phone to relax before bedtime. It “is” my eyes which get sore and tired. I often get headaches, but I blamed that on something else. I used to sleep with my phone next to my head on the bedside table, charging as I slept. Now it’s further away. I never noticed any side effects then, that I’m aware of. It’s a very informative article. I didn’t know all this. I never realised a phone could cause such trouble to our health!

    • very good article I keep away from be before going to bed and avoid using it after sun set

    • Great Gratitude Dr. Nandi fior all your incredible advice and for saving precious lives! In my little mind, I think that all technology is harmful, but then again technology saves lives! Lonely people, especially at nighttime, need to connect with amazing loving people just like yourself or King Bryant and Queen Jenni who offer us a whole new reason to be alive, who uplift our spirit and give unconditional love! Lonely people don’t feel alone anymore! Now they can feel such happiness falling asleep, enjoying the most peaceful dreams!! Thank you Dr. Nandi! 🙏🙏🙏

    • Great Article I agree with a lot of these tips…I have to put my phone up more I sleep better at night.

  • 14 Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

    When it comes to eating healthy and adding beneficial items to your diet, you may think of apples, but apple cider vinegar rarely comes to mind. Yet it should. Used by the ancients for thousands of years, apple cider…

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    • I use apple cider vinegar regularly and Dr. Nardi is right the benefits are awesome and I think it also helps with weight loss.

    • Something in this article made me laugh!
      (A link my mind made while reading)
      Using ACV as a cleaning product was a suggestion I hadn't seen before… but does that mean we are then drinking a cleaning product??? Hmm… 😂😂😂😉😉😉.
      My late-father swore by ACV. Good stuff!

    • Thanks!Doc.Nandi 💖👑💐For Sharing a nice Article on Apple Cider Vinegar…it should be in kitchen items…And really a lot benefits with other food items we normally use in our kitchens…I'll now use it in my diets…It's health properties are a lot good…and it's other uses are also amazing…Thanks..

    • Thank you this is super awesome!

    • Thank you Dr. Nandi for this very beneficial article!!! Hippocrates one of the fathers of medicine mentions also the great benefits of apple cider vinegar!!! Apple cider vinegar is also incredible for dandruff and when we mix this amazing vinegar with olive oil we can fight cellulite! Water and apple cider vinegar is also good for sore eyes! There is an old saying in Greek! “When you are angry drink some apple cider vinegar and you will be calm as an angel! 🙏🙏🙏

    • Really helps in digestive system

    • Just using Apple cider vinegar for a year now.

    • Thanks for the great article! Daily, I drink two tablespoons of organic ACV and two tablespoons of organic Lemon Juice in a large glass of water. I also recommend it to my patients.

  • Partha Nandi wrote a new post 5 months ago

    Why You Should Never Let Your Dog Lick You

    Cute slobbery kisses from your furry canine friends might melt your heart, but they can also cause some fairly serious health issues. You might have heard that a dog’s mouth is cleaner than a human’s, but that’s a big…

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    • Love my fur babies ❤️

    • Thanks for the head's up! Great info! Just cannot give up doggie kisses!! Albeit, I will be on the lookout!
      Thanking you in advance,

      Linda Smith

    • Doctor Nandi your articles are always masterpieces!!! Thank you for your life saving advice!!! We all know that a dog 🐶 is a Man’s and Woman’s best friend!!! They have extreme love and they will protect their masters until the end!!! They will gladly give their precious life for their lovely masters!! When we forbid them to kiss us and show their extreme love we hurt their very loving souls!!! Just like when a human being won’t allow his endless love ❤️ to show her extreme affection!!! Very disappointing!!! I value very much the facts that science has to offer!!! Only one humble question Doctor. When we kiss our lovable doggies do we transmit any disease to them? Great Gratitude to All Doctors for saving our lives!!! 🙏🙏🙏

    • I don’t have a dog, but my Son and his Wife do. I don’t see the dog very often though as they live far away. When I visit, the dog licks me. I’ve been in people’s houses who allow their dogs to jump up and lick you whether you like it or not. I have to say, I’m not keen on it. But it happens. I’m not keen on anyone touching my face though. I don’t even touch my own face unless my hands are spotless clean. I’ve had too many bad experiences. It has never done me any serious harm in my life, when a dog has licked me. I’m sure people who own dogs get licked all the time. Are they any different from any other germ carrying vessel though? We touch bins, and toilet door handles etc etc I’m not keen on it but, I also allow it because I like dogs and it’s their way of greeting you. I just stick my chin up. Lol. I guess I’m happy to be licked by someone who likes me. I’m thinking that their tongues/body has its own cleaning system to an extent. Some humans carry more diseases than dogs. Dogs have been licking humans since time began. The article is very interesting, but it’s been happening for Centuries. I’m now even more aware of the dangers, but I’m not sure it will stop people from allowing their dogs to lick them. It’s just one of the many warnings that we have to remember if we want to stay healthy. I’m not sure. As I said, I’ve had more illness from humans than a licking dog. But I see both sides.

    • I should add, I think it depends also, on whether the dog is a cared for pet, or a stray. It’s just common sense, I think. It’s a very good article, and thought provoking. Often we need information to guide us and prevent us from ill health rather than try to treat the consequences of it.

    • this article is very informative which most us are unaware of thank you

    • 😃😀😄💖💐Nice article.. Doc.Nandi…To have a pet…and to keep it..never my wish..Do wish in future to have a little furry puppy.. But it takes a lot training to keep it sound and health.. and to your good faithful companion always loving and caring..As it's my wish to have a furry little puppy..but as you told to keep them healthy and Sound needs training..and to save your self from any harm they may cause…is imp..for one's health.. but it's quite a nice Article for those who keep dogs as pets.. really inspiring for them…Thanks for Sharing ..Namaste…

  • Partha Nandi wrote a new post 5 months ago

    4 Ways Loneliness Affects Your Body

    It’s difficult to imagine feeling alone in today’s world.
    With social media, texting and virtual … everything … getting any quality alone time is more difficult than ever. Yet many people seem to feel less connected with the people and…

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    • 🙌🏻👏🏻👑💖

    • Nice article❤💐Doc.Nandi…Thanks for Sharing.. yeah to feel loneliness and to be alone for a bit long time…is not good for mental +physical…health.. My responsibilities are mainly to deal home chores..I am the only one to take care of my father and brother.. From a long period…I have to kill my time in best ways even I am alone and free at times at home..So I captivate myself in healthy exercise.. mind soul ease yoga..that make me feel lively…now I hope that there will be a change in my my pappa and brother will have their own arrangement soon to take care of them..and their a real great chance for me to be in be in attend functions..gatherings..and hope tours too..that will make my life real healthy lively happy and full zeal and enthusiasùm ..I can work out on my goals..and desires ..I can manage time for studies..for Social works..but I'll continue to have my own times for personal life is so imp..loneliness…has good benefits too if you know the Art to use your free and relaxed moments.. in positive.. healthy activities.. life is wht you make out of it..No one is sent in to this world with out any purpose..every one can do the best by focusing on his her goals.. with passions.. love..hard work.. harmony and much you invest in your self the more good results you gain a healthy positive productive life to lead with happiness and purpose..Amen..

    • Loneliness is a way of life for many people. Many years ago, the Lord took this feeling away from me. What's weird is my husband says he is lonely but I've always been there available. He chooses to be lonely always seeking attention from others. His resistance to me is his way of living. The person he loves the most, he says, he avoids and treats as an enemy in many ways in order to maintain narcism. Intimacy is the answer but he hates that. Kinda sad but it's about choices and I chose not to be sad. Of course this is all one sided and I've considered that over and over again trying not to be biased.

    • I’m lonely, but I miss my family. I miss people whom I used to have in my life. Eating more unhealthy food is “not” a tendency I have. I go to the gym all the time, so I’m not an overweight comfort eater. I don’t really like food. I do feel there are not enough reasons to get dressed up nicely though as I never get asked anywhere or included in anyone’s plans. I just continue to say my prayers and hope for the best!

    • My situation is a little different. I'm terminally ill with ALS and dementia. Most of my freedoms have been taken away and ‘friends' don't understand how important they are to me. I'm not a priority anymore. I've been in tremendous physical and mental pain from symptoms. Visits, texts, etc mean everything to me. My body is too tired to get out but the soldier in me is fighting, despite the emotional hurt. This sounds so stupid but the quality of life isn't there anymore after 6 years of trying to get the support.

  • Benefits of Lemon Water in the Morning

    It is a simple drink, lemon and water, but research is suggesting it may have a host of great benefits for your health. Plus, you can drink it throughout the day as part of a regular routine but warm…

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    • Nice article !on drinking lemon water in our daily routines…💖👑💐Thanks!Doc partha Nanďi..lemon water's benefits are a lot as you a short but quite an inspired way..I think no need to talk about it more….it's quite enough.. But I only say..Lemon has really beneficial effects on our health.. in hit and humid areas it helps in the problem of dehydration because of excessive heat…when used with's good to use in salads…it do reduced weight.. it's good to use in diets…it is refreshing and soothing.. for mind and Soul.. In daily routine use of Lemon.. is good for health.. it has components that can be a relief and cure in many stomach.. heart burning.. managing energy….in the human body.. even the cancer…it's use is so's health giving components are a lot…as you told many benefits..good for skin health well as taking as a liquid ….lemon water is all time good for health..Drink lemon water…at times a day..add it in diets.. wanna get smarter drink warm lemon water glass per day .😀yeah but with it balanced diet and exercise is must….💖👑Thanks again Doc..Nanďi for letting us aware of our health and always give us best tips to lead a healthy life…..

    • I've known about the benefits of lemon water for years and periodically, I need to be reminded to follow my morning tradition. I've found your website and your cookbook extremely helpful! Thank you Dr. Nandi and to the McGill team for posting your article!

    • I’ve been drinking lemon with warm water for a long time now and it gives me a lot of benefits. It fights my seasonal allergy, boost my metabolism, fights hunger and many more.

      • Thank you for sharing how it’s helping you…It’s truly beneficial.

      • Thanks for this. It helps to see what other people think. I’m going to try it. What is your method? Please

    • I've been drinking warm Lemon Honey water first thing in the morning instead of reaching for coffee for a couple months now. I haven't been sick but haven't really noticed any of these other benefits 😑

    • Great Article on Lemon Water I add Ginger and fresh Mint Leaves truly amazing what the Earth Provides is what we need to thrive.

      • That sounds good! Thanks for the tip. Ginger is good for the digestive system, if I’m right😊

    • We have water and lemons! Will start tomorrow!! Luck to us!!

    • I thought I could just use bottled water and stick fresh lemon in it! Do you have to leave it overnight?

    • Yes, I’ve heard of it. I previously said I couldn’t do it, but you’ve changed my mind. I’m going to try it, after reading about the benefits. I reckon the advantages weigh out the disadvantages. Guess what’s in my shopping list?!

    • Great Gratitude 🙏 to You Doctor Nandi and for All Medical experts, medical staff that save our beautiful lives!!! Incredible Advice about lemon water with pure honey!!! It is certainly a miraculous natural cocktail!!! I also like to boil my water in mint or basil 🌿 and then add lemon, honey and cinnamon sticks. Lemon, vinegar and baking soda are healthy natural cleaners for our house and clothes!!! Hippocrate advised that Apple 🍎 cider vinegar is extremely valuable for our health!!! Thank you soooo much Doctor for your Always Amazing Advice!!!

    • we in India people know these benefits. our climate is such that it very hot in summer and lime water is a common drink here thank you for pointing out the benefits

    • I love lemon water my Mother used to drink it when i was a little girl and I didn't know how she could drink it. Now I drink it a lot and she doesn't haha. I go through highs and lows with this but there is some level of consistency in drinking lemon water. It us just so refreshing and feel so good!

      Thanks Dr. Partha Nandi!

  • 5 Ways to Tell If You’re Just Sad or Really Depressed

    Everyone has bad days: days when you’re down, sad, and don’t feel like doing anything.
    You struggle to get out of bed. You don’t smile. And you just want to be left alone to wallow in your misery. For most…

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    • So very helpful for so many people.

    • Always love your wisdom 😉

    • Thank you for your enlightening article.
      Sadly there are too many uninformed people who just think someone is weak or lazy…
      In the past there was no medication and you had to rely on your family to help you cope.
      You are so right..
      Depression takes many forms…
      Insomnia is one of the most troubling issues you can encounter.
      We all need our sleep.
      When you are alone most of the time it can be very difficult not to fall into the deep well of depression.
      My Sister and Son and I took care of my Mother until she died.
      It was out of love we willingly took on the responsibility. She did suffer from depression…
      We were there for her…
      It seems my Family has mental issue problems on both sides of the Family.
      My Sister and I have discussed this before.
      It took many years before I could get my life under control.
      Medication and loving parents who were willing to help me saved me.
      It is with deep sadness that I face my own life now fighting for peace.
      I keep my problems to myself because I cannot discuss these bouts of depression.
      It is because of my religious upbringing that my life has become better…
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts on different difficulties depression can cause.

      • I totally agree. This article is quite informative. I was diagnosed with depression after the second attack on our World Trade Building in NYC in 2001. Because I had parents that made sure I went back to college after working my summers, Summer 1980s I worked as a bank teller in tower 1. There was no Facebook at that time. So so many of my friends stayed and worked in place of going back to school. So I realized that my level and of sadness was so down all of the time wondering where about 20 people were. I would like to think that Neville, Michael, Rocksand, Menia made it out and I never new if they did. I suffered a great deal before getting help. I suffer sometime now because I half take my meds. Some of us still struggle with accepting meds for depression.I believe that I am a true conquer through JESUS CHRIST AND IM SO GRATEFUL FOR GOD,s strength with this ugly disease.

    • My depression lifted, I halved my medication, my general well-being improved when I was lifted out this environment….albeit, short term. The difference in me was noticeable. I’m back to my lousy environment, and back to being depressed. Sometimes it’s the little things that lift us up.

    • Hi, I’m not aware of anyone who is that sad or really depressed, except myself. But people adopt a persona to cover up their feelings sometimes. When one starts talking to people, the flood gates may open up then. We so often represss our sadness in order to continue with daily life. I can totally relate to all of the above situations and feelings of despair, despondency and depression. There’s never anyone there for you when needed, I feel that no one cares, I feel stressed, hopeless, worthless, worried, suicidal, I stop caring about myself and my chores, household or shopping. Or even personal appearance. I hide, sleep the hours and pain away. The list goes on. Take medication to keep calm, calm anxiety. I have no motivation, friends, family, money or social life. Everyone around me seems happy. There must be millions of people out there who are sad and depressed. This, I do know. It’s a deep subject, which I could talk about for hours, but I never find it easy to explain everything in a message. If I did know someone like this in my life, I would be offer to try and support them to the best of my ability. It’s hard not to get dragged into their world though and become depressed yourself. There are strategies to help with that though. My fitness instructor lost her Mum recently, and I sense her sadness. I do try not to state the obvious, and come up with some ideas to cheer her up, offer her some words of comfort. But she does have loads of family and friends to support her. I feel I can still provide her with a little something. Every little helps someone who is sad. I’ve got lots more to say. It’s impossible to cover it all.

    • Thanks..again..💖👑💐Doc.Partha Nanďi…for a nice Article.. yeah…beautifully explained.. the difference between sadness..and depression…As Sadness.. about some event..Some mishap…some tragedy…Some thing that makes us sad…and feel in sorrow moments… natural…but if that sadness.. becomes is alarming.. and it can cause real bad effects on the individual ..if he or she can't know to ease hid herself…and suppressed by it…That depression will eventually destroy the persons health.. mental and physical ….and their life have to bèar the side effects..It ñeeds a lot practice to let the sadness vanish away in a relax way..and not let depression eat it up….Meditations..positive thinking.. proper life style….proper routines…healthy physical mental activities really makes life full of zeal and zest.…..So life is wht we make out of it . Live life yourself.. and love care all….Amen.

    • I now believe that I am suffering from full-blown depression. I realize that I need to be surrounded by people who express actions and words that say they really support me. Words do not mean anything to me without actions. I do not want to be with people who give me mixed messages. I choose to move on from everyone who expresses loyalty that I have to question. People are either with me or they are not with me. These people must make a choice. I do not need to everyone to agree with me. I agree that I will need some professional help in dealing with my depression. I would like to get out of the woods. Thank You very much for your help

    • My heart goes out to you and I prayed sincerely for you. I’m going through SO MUch as well. Gang Stalking and by someone that I was so kind too. And I walked away from him not as a girlfriend that he loved and cared about but as one of his side pieces side chicks that he really didn’t consider important .Shortly after a man that I look up to he and I had a serendipitous moment and something supernatural beyond Him and I happened. So that’s in my spirit. My grown children are in my spirit. I learned through reevaluating myself I enjoy happiness and joy. That’s my true personality.The tiny voice of the Holy Spirit just simply said to me just 1 min ago stop reliving the pain and trust ME. So I am encouraging you to remove yourself from that living situation if at all possible. It may hurt you may love someone but think of yourself just a little and once you get out it will increase. And of course circumstances around us either help our depression or hinder it. And only we can determine that we deserve to live in healthy mental state. And I’m not shoving JESUS down your throat but there is liberty , peace, love ,in HIS NAME ALONE. PRAY everyday and watch GOD bring you out. Excuse any typos❤️

    • This is so true at one point and sometimes still I hit these emotions however I do suffer with PTSD and now I'm getting the right support for it which is only a positive thing for me my except is nature I just fall in love with the country side I reassure myself and speak loving and positive helped me no ends

  • 10 Health Benefits of Celery

    The scientific name of celery is apiumgraveolens. This green vegetable belongs to the apiaceae plant family. The health benefits of celery are due to the excellent sources of beneficial enzymes and antioxidants. Celery is loaded with essential minerals and…

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    • Interesting and highly informative as are all your articles; you are a wonderful help in assisting me to be a health-hero. Thank you.

    • how much celery would one have to eat daily to experience these health benefits?

    • Grace and Gratitude to All Doctors for giving us the priceless gift of Life!!! Dr. Nandi, You Always have the most miraculous healing Advice!!! The Mediterranean diet always includes carrots, celery, tomatoes, onions, olive oil, garlic, boiled red potatoes, lemon, pepper and oregano!!! When we make fish soup, we always boil the fish with carrots, celery,onions, potatoes! When everything is done we take out all the vegetables and fish from the pot. Then we throw a little rice in the juice. When our rice is done we make the avgolemono. We beat eggs whites into a meringue (no sugar), we add the egg yolks, lemon et voilà the soooo nutritional soup turns into a thick, white heavenly Paradise!!! Thank you Doctor for teaching me All the Great Benefits of Celery!!!🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🙏🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    • Thank YOU guys so much for the help. I’m want to totally transform my body and only I can . When I don’t prepare the night before is my weakness. Grabbing something fast and not familiar with where I’m at today to much . But I’m counting calories and so far I haven’t jacked up. Thanks for the encouragement the apple celery smoothy is fun and I can wait to try it.

    • I was not aware of the benefits of consuming Celery I will try to add it my daily menu
      I like your articles which is always an eye opener Thank you

    • Thanks!Doc..Nandi..❤👑💐for a nice Article about Celery..It's good to eat but with some precautions …so it's benefits…can be really amazing.. for body metabolisùm..Eat good and lead a healthy happy life..99/percent of our health depended upon wht we eat …in which amount we eat..whether it has benefit for our mental,physical health.or we are eating for enjoying taste and flavours.and spices.. Vegetables.kinds of beans..fruits.. green vegetables
      ..chicken.. fish..are good for health.. but should be taken in balanced quantity…and we should drink plenty of water….and do exercise….and walk in our daily routines ….with that if we do spiritual…and mind soul body soothing yoga …as a daily routine.. it will enhance a lot positive energy in us..we can be more healthy and happy..and can do routine works actively and with more balance and zeal and zest…..We should be our own health hero .That's the Rocky Spirit.. and then we can lead a healthy purposeful life in all respects.. in all fields..for our own happy healthy.. life..and to benefit others with our positive energies….Love yourself….and love life…..❤👑

    • Great information on celery! I am going to add more in everyday!

    • These recipes look delicious!

    • You can get organic celery for sure!

    • Very helpful and informative article on celery. Thank you for sharing. I like celery and use it a lot in making potato salad. Thank you for the recipes you included.

    • Holy Celery Sticks! Who would've known celery had so many befits. As a child (and even now) I always ate peanut butter on celery sticks and LOVED it 🙂

      I am shocked to learn that celery reduces inflammation, high cholesterol, risk of urinary tract infection and prevents liver diseases and ulcers, aids in weight loss, bloating and digestion and more! Wow!

      Thank you for the awesome information, FAQs and recipes!!!

  • Coffee Consumption May Help You Live a Longer Life

    Can coffee help you live longer, 2 recent studies say “yes”.
    Have you had your cup of coffee yet? Getting ready to have another cup?

    You know that jolt of caffeine may be doing more than just waking you up. In…

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    • This is great news ! Thank you Dr. Nandi.

    • Very confusing, your family doctor recommends cutting coffee out completely to help lower your blood pressure but you say 2 or 3 cups a day are healthy!

    • Nice article..Thanks.. ❤👑💐Doc..Partha Nañdi..for Sharing..I only drink coffee…rare in Winter season..Here in our our country Hit Summers are quite long..but on a rainy day..reading a book..and having a cup..of coffee whether hot or cold coffee…really soothing for mind..The advantage of coffee…and how to use it…described by you….are inspiring and good for health. ❤💐

    • This is great news! yay! ☕️

    • Great info. I always drink it black so was on the right track there.

    • Uvijek sam osjecala da je kafa najbolja tecnost u rano jutro za one koji se nemogu razbuditi bez kafe, i sa niskim pritiskom je fantasticno pice koje daje ” zivot” , a znajuci da produzuje zivot mirise jos bolje- HVALA- pozdrav

    • I just take normal coffee out of a jar, and Cappuccino sachets. I limit myself to about 4, maximum 5. To be honest, I rarely finish it all! I’m pleased to hear that it’s healthy. It will only help me to live longer though if I don’t get hit by a bus. I only want to live longer if I’m healthy and have a good life. I can’t say that I drink so many a day, some days it’s 2, some 3 etc. The quote states that it “may” help us to live longer, as long as we don’t get palpitations with the Caffeine. I will focus on the positive aspects of Coffee, as I couldn’t live without it, nor would anyone else!! See, I’m considerate, I have to have coffee for the safety of others!! Lol

    • Oops I’ve been using flavored creamers… how healthy are the keurig machines many options for flavored coffee that way … I drink coffee everyday !

    • I am going to live forever then…lol I looovee coffee

    • It's really refreshing to read this article; with so much back and forth on if coffee is or isn't “good for you” this article just really gets to the point and makes a lot of sense!

      I was wondering if you are able to address a specific question around #4: Do not use flavored creamers. Since you mention that these are made with hydrogenated vegetable oils, corn syrup and other unhealthy chemicals – If there is an alternative without those, then it is ok? I use an almond milk creamer alternative by either So Delicious Dairy Free or Silk Have you tried or heard of these?

  • Partha Nandi wrote a new post 6 months ago

    5 Ways Your Body is Telling You That You’re Depressed

    It isn’t always easy to differentiate between sadness and depression.
    But there are significant differences between the two, and it’s important to understand them. Otherwise, you risk overreacting to what might just be a couple of bad days … or…

    read more

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    • Yes, I know the difference between sadness and depression. I have Depression and anxiety, but I also suffer sadness.

    • I’ve been diagnosed w MDDR, ADD and emotionally disturbed at age 12! That’s how young I was when the abuse couldn’t be hidden anymore!
      I learned and continue learning just where I fit in this life! My answer consistently is Here, rt here is where I belong! I am 49-1/2 yrs old and continue to be the best I can no matter who what where or when! It’s an ongoing internal fight but well worth the good days that lay ahead! 🙏🏻

    • Thanks Doc for this valuable information. Be blessed.

    • Nice..article.. Doc.partha Nandi…❤👑💐You are right..We have to be our health hero ,and for that we have to be happy..and healthy …and Soul..mind and body..have to work properly and life..zeal..vigour and our requirement..Healthy mind possess healthy body..our routines .our diets .our physical exercises and mental positive and constructive activities..can lead us to a happy,Stable positive ,productive and full of life…Soul..mind and body..Depression..panic..worry..frustration..sadness..can lead to in healthy mind and body..It destroy one's inner peace and make one irritated and Suffer in many ways..whole health and life will be in bad risk.. As much you know the Art to cool relax…and calm your Soul..mind and body…you get free from any mental suffering or ailment..One.needs meditation…yoga ..which relaxxx…your mind…yoga which relaxxx.. your body .and your Soul get nourishment and life…Then their are physical exercise that makes you healthy..and tone your body…and let your health Stable..Music…dance…😃+ Spiritual links at times with God..Duta ..Bhàgwan .can uplift your Soul..mind and body with love….happiness…health and Iife..☝️👍Nothing can be gained unless..we make commitment with our own selves .Love our own selves.. trust in our own instincts and capabilities…and work hard…we can become a beautiful healthy Soul…which posses..Healthy mind and body….❤👑Namaste…

    • You know im sad sometimes because i see how became our system of health ! I don t like when somebody die because the doctors give too much antibiotiques and when they didn t work ..let go and finally they told us there is Nothing to do and finally the person die. Im a strong woman and never i give up! Im a survival to a breast cancer and continu to believe in life and never let this terrible word goes Inside my spirit! WE have to stay in healthy as long that we can ! I have only a son and i fight to stay alive for him.

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