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    1 year, 1 month ago
    Free your future from ancient beliefs that search for what you don’t really want to find.
    Beliefs are powerful. Beliefs are the foundation that sprouts out as our thought patterns. These thought patterns grow stronger as they expand through new experiences and build evidence to support these patterns. This influences behavioral choices. When these beliefs are inaccurate or based on a perception, they become very destructive to an entire community. A tribe can be a family, workplace, group of any kind. False beliefs can destroy the purest of missions. Ancient beliefs that can be related as far back as Adam and Eve; comparison.
    Human nature is to initiate conversations with others out of “concern” which is, in reality, gossip regarding these beliefs. This builds a tribe of people who support this pattern of thinking based on the coaching of how to interpret a reality based on supporting an illusion. As a tribe, the targeted individual is banned from the tribe if they do not conform to the false reality.
    Other behaviors driven to protect the illusion, will sabotage the tribe mission by treating people unfairly based on false perceptions and the reality of the situation. This growing obsession begins to create a reality of protecting the illusion over the mission. Keeping valuable people offering assets to the mission from collaborating and building success toward the tribe’s true mission.
    The mission is now distracted by maintaining a false reality.
    When recognizing this, walk away silently. It is only a matter of time before the illusion shatters up against the truth of the universal reality and if you are not present during that time, you can avoid the mess. Especially if you have your own messes to tend to.
    The reveal of our illusions can be humiliating and shameful. Suddenly every choice ever made based on these false beliefs flood in shocking the mind and central nervous system with waves of shame. A flash of all the ignorant and insensitive behaviors toward fellow innocent people is the humbling our ego needs to experience. This process is necessary in order to truly develop into a spiritual being having a human experience. Seeing one’s self as the condemned and the condemnor. And yes, this is a horrible experience that is necessary and should be celebrated.
    Celebrated like the pressing of grapes into new wine. You are free from the past choices and the shackles of your past thoughts that contradict your character. You have broken out to who you are instead of breaking down in self-pity. A true peace treaty begins with treating our minds right.
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    • OK Noelle. This is very thoughtful and contemplative information. I love your unique perception and careful thought that has gone into this article. I am much more prone to appreciating higher level thought and this writing demonstrates this very well. Thank you for your thoughtful, deep, rich and important insights.

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Noelle is an intuitive, trauma-informed psychotherapist. The creator and author of the program Break Out Not Down. A self-discovery program that offers a gentle approach to the “Awakening” process.
The long-term vision is open a Family Vacation Alternative “Awakenings Family Resort & Spa” to help families in crisis with education and rehabilitation who would otherwise be torn apart. Through family and individual treatment plans as well as co-parenting after divorce, families can learn healthy skills and thought patterns that will bring love and trust back into broken families.


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