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@jodavis this is great advice for women And men today! You are right, this is stuff nobody talks about and I wish more of my elder relatives thought this way. Two Thumbs Up!

Lots of good info here! My dad passed away 5 years ago and he always loved Christmas. My mom and I don't like being alone on Christmas (although we adjusted to it over the years). So this year we are giving ourselves a holiday vacation out of town on...

@jodavis you nailed it once again! Thank you for sharing this very personal story and yes, many people can and will relate to it. Well done!

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Welcome To Fall! View Comment
  • @NickCobos
  • October 19, 2018

I've never been a fall fan either. But I'm learning about the letting go. Great article Jackie!!

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Grief Has No Manners View Comment
  • @NickCobos
  • October 16, 2018

This is a great article Sarah. After my father passed I went through much of the same emotions and range of emotions. Everyone can and should be allowed to grieve differently. The best way to help someone who's in mourning or grieving is not to be a leader to...

Yes, weather you win or lose you have to keep going. Each day has new opportunities right?!

Yes they do Greg!

Thanks Bryant and Jenni for a great broadcast. I have learned how to get over my fear of asking for help from others. Sometimes it's necessary when I or you want to get things done. As far as the shrimp counter thing goes. That is one of my mom's...

This is powerful stuff Mayuri. Thank you! <3

Travel is one of my new passions so I can understand your excitement for this new journey. Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas, near me, have great museums, unique art and great food for all, even the vegans. I totally loved going to Austin last month and I will be...

Hello Sylvia, this is great information, thank you!

Great article Jackie!

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What Will You Choose? View Comment
  • @NickCobos
  • July 23, 2018

Akiroq, this is a powerful, wonderful statement! Bringing choice to our thoughts and living below the "dizzying web", that's my favorite part of the article. Thank you. <3

Thanks Melissa! Love you too <3

Oh wow! Thank you Christy! <3

Thank you sweet friend! Big LOVE and HUGS back to you always!

@Kara ,your words are also very touching. Thank you for that. Stay strong.

That's great Bexky. Yes keep going!!!

Thanks Jo! Much love to you too!!

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