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    4 months, 3 weeks ago
    5 Reasons Why Change Is Hard (for everyone)

    Life is about change
    No matter who we are, we will always be faced with change.
    Of some kind or another.
    When the kids come into the house just as when they leave.
    Or when a loved one is not present for the next holiday or celebration.
    We feel change every day.
    Some of it is more subtle while others is a swift kick in the you-know-what.
    At times, we have some control over what’s happening and other times, we don’t.
    Our responses to change vary
    Some of us may feel that a change is a “long time coming” while others might feel “everything is just fine the way it is now.”
    We can be angry and hurt at something that disrupts our “normal” and act out through frustration and sometimes, say things we really don’t mean.
    Make no mistake — most of us still struggle with change.
    For a variety of reasons.

    Here are the five that are important to remember through any transition:

    Change is hard. Let’s face it — needing to do anything other than what we are doing right now usually means I need to work. For some, that may be easier said than done, but for others, it may mean an entirely new routine or require learning something new (as much as you forget what you have known for years). As humans, we typically try to avoid the hard. When I was running 5 miles a day, 5 days a week at 5am, it was hard. But then it got easier and it stopped feeling like a chore. It became something I relished.

    Change is full of the unknown. We like knowing what’s going to happen. Even if we cannot control it or participate in the outcome, we still like to have a little heads up. Some surprises are really good (visits from loved ones you never see, for example), but most of us don’t like change that just shows up. Plus, we don’t know how this change is going to affect us — either good or bad. So we become skeptics. Questions like, “How will this work?” come to the surface and begin to settle into what we don’t know.

    Change is scary. Most of us don’t like being afraid of something that will happen. Even if we know ahead of time. That is when fear and doubt take over and no matter what anyone tells us or shows us, we develop a “I’ll believe it when I see it mentality.” Watching scary movies initiates our “fight or flight” mode and most often, we would choose to run away from things that are intimidating and frightening.

    Change is different. Almost automatically, people easily find the bad in something that is changing. Because is it is easier. But change only has one guarantee — that is is different. Some change will be good and some change will be bad. We can never predict how something will turn out until it actually becomes reality. Acceptance of this one thing can make all of the difference when faced with change.

    Change does not require you to be ready. People will say, “I’m ready to change!” or “Let’s do this!” with the greatest amount of enthusiasm in their voices. Change is going to happen — whether you are ready or not. No one is ever really ready — we feel cautious and hesitate. We might tip toe a little until we feel things out. When we got to the pool, many more people dip their feet in the shallow end than jump right in off the diving board.

    Change is inevitable

    It’s going to happen.
    Trust me.
    But your experience with change (no matter what it is) will be dictated because of two things: your attitude and your effort.
    If you look at change as something that is interesting and makes you curious, then you will be open to the growth that comes with that change. If you resist it (for whatever reason), then you will harbor resentment and anger than can be used elsewhere.
    At the same time, if you choose to go “all in” with the change that is happening and see it as an adventure, you will be more vested in the outcome. You will give more of yourself so the change has a positive effect on everyone who might be impacted by it. In addition, you will encourage others who haven’t yet embraced this opportunity to become a part of a new beginning.
    Understand this — your mindset and what you do will always reflect what happens.
    Believe in the power of change as we all adapt to this ever changing world.
    You will understand that although something must end, something new must begin.
    This is lifee and if you blink, it will change again.

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Michelle A. Homme

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I am a writer of truth, a story teller of hope, and an author of authenticity. Through words, we can invoke change — it begins with a change of attitude, a different perspective, a kind gesture and before long we are following our inner compass. Bringing positive energy with the quotes I write and the passion for life I share, we can empower each other to find and be our BEST selves.


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