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9 Simple Pleasures That Don’t Cost a Thing But Time

Let’s admit it. Finding time to do the things we absolutely need to get done doesn’t always happen. I know I wish there were...

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The 5 Seasons of Life

How many seasons will we each go through? No one ever really knows…we have seasons that seem to come as quickly as they came and...

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6 Tips For Amazing Self Confidence

Most of us will rummage through life picking up bits of confidence here and there, but never truly find a way to harness that...

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Have the Courage to Love

We look inward to protect our hearts from being tossed aside as if it holds no value. Running away is easy and why we settle...

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7 Ways to Honor Who You Really Are

When we are young, we are more comfortable with who we are. We know what we love to do and we never have to explain...

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Michelle A. Homme

President and CEO, Constant Change LLC

I am a writer of truth, a story teller of hope, and an author of authenticity. Through words, we can invoke change — it begins with a change of attitude, a different perspective, a kind gesture and before long we are following our inner compass. Bringing positive energy with the quotes I write and the passion for life I share, we can empower each other to find and be our BEST selves.


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