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You are MOST welcome, Mariela!

Thank you, Kainaat.

Thank you, Fran for your guidance and connectedness to this article. Life is full of beautiful moments and simple chances for us to slow down, to see something glorious, to become a part of someone's story. Joy comes in the moments we choose to find it and more often...

You are most welcome, Mary. Life begs us to partake in its beauty and little moments, but we are too busy and running around so fast, we miss them. The Universe calls to us through these simple acts every day. I would love to hear if you found anything!...

Thank you, Mary. Life is waiting for us to grab hold of it -- we first have to notice that these things are already there. Have a great day!

Thank you for sharing, Erlinda. No doubt many things are important in life for all of us to live our BEST lives. Every one of us has moments to guide others to becoming who they can be. Live inspired every day! =)

Being reminded of the "little" things that truly end up being the "big" things was what I wanted people to remember!

Thank you, Tar!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts here. May life give you moments to give your best self to the world and where you live inspired every day! Have a great day!

Great words of advice, Gina! Thank you for sharing!

Have a beautiful day, Angeliki!

Jenna, I love everything you shared. The breeze, the rays of the sun, and YES on the water! Today, I am going to take a break outside and blow bubbles! Heehee

Good one, Ruben!

Hi, Debby! I love this! I love washing dishes and cleaning the bathroom for the same reasons! But don't tell my husband! =)

Thank you for your kind words, Beatrice. Remembering what really matters is a great way to stay connected to our hearts. I am grateful every day for my friends and family as well.

Those are great things, too Beth!

Thank you, Julia!

Good morning, Angeliki! What a great way to start my day! I love it when we can be funny selves to make others fall in love with life. I was out of the office for a few hours and one co worker told me "I missed you." I loved...

You are welcome!

I agree, Robina! Slowing down and living through simple moments will give us peace and remind us of all the good in the world.

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Michelle A. Homme

President and CEO, Constant Change LLC

I am a writer of truth, a story teller of hope, and an author of authenticity. Through words, we can invoke change — it begins with a change of attitude, a different perspective, a kind gesture and before long we are following our inner compass. Bringing positive energy with the quotes I write and the passion for life I share, we can empower each other to find and be our BEST selves.


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