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  • Mhelvz posted in the group

    5 months, 3 weeks ago
    What Would I Like to Change?

    Some people act selflessly and do good things for everyone’s welfare. We can only wish that there race thrive and multiply. Reality, however, can simply make some of us wonder, and possibly be caught speechless, why some of our fellowmen can’t do good things for others. Perhaps a part of their brain is malfunctioning, and hence they don’t know how awesome it is to be altruistic and show compassion to others. I wish I could change the way they think. I wish I could inject into their neurotransmitters that happiness is doubled if we can be good to others. I wish our greedy politicians, some selfish businessmen, and even ordinary citizens who take advantage of other people would know the difference between good and evil. I am just wondering what kind of childhood they had why they are incapable of listening to their conscience every time they get something they have not worked for. Am I being naive? Do I sound like I am looking for a utopian place? Perhaps. But I am pretty sure everyone wants a place where universal human values are present: respect, emphaty, compassion, equality, acceptance, justice , freedom, and love. Wishing for these things to be present in every corner is not a sign of naivety. If we have these values, principles, and wisdom in every person’s mind, heart, and soul, I don’t think we still need to change anything. We only need to live our lives based on the grand design: to be happy and to love and be loved. How are we going to instill these values to everyone’s mind? I think I need to start it with myself, and just hope others will follow. The question now is no longer what would I like to change, but when to start changing it.

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