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    1 year ago
    “keep it simple”
    How often do we fret about things that never occur? We allow our minds to take control over our emotions and imagine all of the worst case scenarios in situations. We may lose sleep. We may cause others distress. We may act on circumstances that will never occur.
    This is just a few examples of how we complicate our lives.
    When we remind ourselves to “keep it simple” , we slow down our “stinking thinking “ and settle in the present. We stay in the day, in the moment. We remind ourselves to just do the “next right thing” , “do our best and forget the rest”.
    It’s a life that is not only durable but one where we can appreciate the simplicity of the beauty that surrounds us. We are able to surrender. We are able to awaken to the gratitude in the present. No matter how bad things seem … all we have is the present, nothing more.
    This is where you find life.
    What will you do with this present?

    5 Reminders on how to “keep it simple”:
    1. Slow down! When you find yourself on the run, hurrying to get things done, stressing over time… slow down! Accept that the things that need to get done ,will get done and rushing , stressing and running around will not help.
    2. Stop! Smell the roses! Are you in the present moment? Are you feeling the now? You will never get it back. Appreciate it.
    3. Deep breaths. When feeling overwhelmed and anxious, ask yourself what really matters. Your mental health should come first. Do not let negativity to rent space in your head!
    4. Tell someone that you love them. The quickest way to bring us back into the reality of the present moment is to share it. Thank someone. Hug someone. Smile at and with someone.
    5. Remember that life is short. There is no need to lose time or to make it go any quicker.
    An unbelievably gifted orator, there’s a reason Abraham Lincoln is oft quoted. He reminds us with this quote to “keep it simple”.
    “And in the end it's not the years in your life that count; it's the life in your years.”
    Thank you for taking this moment to share these simple thoughts and reminders. Much love always.~ Melissa

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