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5 Steps To Get Things Done View Comment
  • @MayuriRana
  • January 3, 2019

Hi Uchenna..I loved all these steps especially #3 to get to the site of the task..Most of the time instead of getting to the gym, I used to work out at home which was a shortcut..This article will help me be more mindful..Thank you for sharing <3

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What Is Your Dream For 2019? View Comment
  • @MayuriRana
  • January 3, 2019

Loved this article Ms Maria.. I am indeed a dreamer and few years ago I wrote down some of them in a book and forgot about the book..And when I recently read that book I was surprised to see most of them came true..It is such a powerful thing...

Beautiful article Maria..Thank you for sharing <3

Wow this was such a powerful article. I really loved everything you said about decluttering especially the EFT technique of requiring our brain. Thank you so much for sharing !

Thank you Ms Kaye <3

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Happy Birthday Jenni Young McGill View Comment
  • @MayuriRana
  • August 21, 2018

Happy Birthday Ms Jenni <3 Sending you lots of love <3

Thank you Mariale..Sending you love <3

Thank you Mamma J..This was my first article ever..I will surely write more 🙂

Thank you Robert <3

Simply loved this article..I love connecting with my guardian angel..And all these points are so helpful.. I could totally resonate with every single point. Thank you for sharing <3

Yes indeed it is. I, being a mother, sometimes can't handle all the responsibilities. When in India, we have an entire family with whom we spend time. And it becomes hard to take care of oneself.

Wonderful article..I have tried eating Gluten free diet and it has really helped me. However, I never heard about "Teff". I will definitely try incorporating it as well.. Thank you for sharing !

This entire article feels like a blessing. Life really does want to bless us with everything you've mentioned in this article..So grateful for having read this.. Thank you for sharing this beautiful reminder!

This was such an insightful article. You have beautifully summed up how to live life positively in this article. I feel that every single point outlined here could be used as an affirmation in our day-today lives. Thank you so much Avina for sharing!

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