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How Sound Affects Our Life

Have you ever wondered why certain sounds and noises create an emotional and physical response? For example, a shrilling scream may sound piercing to the...

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Seven Steps to a Peaceful Sleep

How often have you tossed and turned to find you either can’t sleep or are awake for periods throughout the night? During our day...

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The Happiness Barometer

What if our personal happiness was our only real purpose? Imagine your world where you were happy and content. How would it look and feel...

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Create A New and Lighter Chapter in your Life

For many of us, the past hurts and injustices have become part of our present story, and the thought of letting go feels almost...

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Holiday Stress — Strategies and Support to Ease Your Way

With Christmas decorations already appearing in stores and the media sharing how many weeks left till Christmas, it’s understandable why we may feel a...

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Conscious Transformation

When we’re in flow, we are one with all that is, was and will be. Listen to the sounds that move within your energy stream....

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Six Simple Strategies to Ease Worry

Worry can be a terrible waste of our time and energy. Worry creates anxiety, distress, panic, lack of sleep, mental suffering and horrible and uncomfortable...

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Surfing the Wave of Emotion

How many times have we experienced trauma or an unexpected event that came from left field that temporarily knocked us down? In my life,...

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When It’s Time To Do Nothing

Interesting concept and for some incredibly hard to do. Are you the type that while sitting and watching a movie or television, or while waiting...

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The Divine Author Within

We are all connected to our divine author. It is the very place of wisdom that supports us through our darkest moments and where inspiration...

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