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  • Maria Koszler posted in the group Thoughts Words and More

    10 months, 2 weeks ago
    The leader of the Russian Orthodox Church feels that Smartphones and modern-day technology may just bring about the coming of the Antichrist, that is what I read on Social Media this morning. This article caught my attention because I have been dealing with serious issues with no other than Facebook. Now I am not at all comparing Facebook owners or employees to the Antichrist here, but rather to get something out there that is a very big deal to me, and to expose that evil forces truly are out there in Social Media land.

    Facebook can be a powerful Social Media page that gets your message across to your friends, followers and millions around the world as I found out before the algorithms took over, with some of my posts reaching at any given time over 13 million people over a very short period. Facebook is not free for public page owners if you want to get your message out there. Public pages have become a big business for Facebook. But like most big businesses, in my humble opinion, it has a lot of crap they need to sift through, a complete overhaul of their appeal process, customer service departments would be their greatest asset. Their security has flaws, big time. Don’t just take my word for that, look on the major networks news sites.

    I am taking the time to write this to save someone else going through the hell I have had to endure for the past two months. This is also my opportunity to say sorry to my Royal Family, friends, my followers on Facebook who supported me daily, sorry you don’t see my posts on Facebook, sorry that I have not been able to support you there, sorry that I have not been in touch with you all but Facebook is the reason behind all that as I explain now.

    Let me start with this, today compared to say even a year ago I feel very much differently about Facebook.

    Why? Because I know my account was hacked along with hundreds of thousands of other accounts on Facebook last year. This all started for me, when I had endless messages in the Fall of 2018 coming through my messenger from people I did not know, to the point I shut down my messenger daily. I received offers from people with questionable Eastern European names of a financial nature to post on my Public page. I observed that people were being added as my friends and all of which I notified Facebook about repeatedly with not a single reply other than the generic “We will use this information to make Facebook a safer, better place”. There was mail being sent to the designated email address associated with my Facebook page. All my security settings were set that no one other than Facebook knew my personal and private info, my passwords were being reset every week at times to keep what I assumed my account safe.

    When Facebook allows someone to HACK, take over a public page as it has done with mine, when they allow a HACKER to have access to your 250K+ followers as in my case, and does absolutely nothing to help you to get your Account back and obviously to keep these 250k+ accounts of your followers safe, then you must start wondering what on earth is going on, don’t you? I believe my Account was hacked with that of hundreds of thousands of other accounts on Facebook. It began for me when I had endless messages starting in the Fall of 2018 coming through my messenger from people unknown to me, to the point I shut down messenger. Unknown people were being added as my friend when I know I did not invite or know them, all of which I notified Facebook about. Endless text messages and phone calls from unknown people to me, to the point that I had to change my phone number twice. Mail was being sent to my email address from strangers and endless spam. So YES I believe my identity was stolen via Facebook and YES, I BELIEVE that to be the work of the HACKER who is a follower of the Antichrist.

    My public page was a place where all people from all walks of life and religions were welcome. I shared and posted works of all beliefs, dedicated hours every day to bring like-minded people to this special place with messages of inspiration and motivation not only from myself but other like-minded page owners. When my personal account was taken over by the HACKER, Facebook told me they could not tell me the reason why my Account was disabled, they said it went against Facebook Security to tell me why. My account has since been deleted by them. What Security I ask, when my account, all my pages were HACKED? All but one of my Public Pages were deleted along with two groups I had created by this HACKER.

    Facebook told me in one email that an admin other than myself had posted content that went against Facebook Standards, I replied that I was the only admin on any of my pages or account and that I wanted to see this content that was so offensive to Facebook, to this day I do not know what transpired or what they are talking about. This is the same Facebook I had been reporting to about the porn, animal abuse and other unsavory content for years that was being allowed by them, content on my timeline and guess what they never get back to you with the important issues, appeals or questions.
    Emails have been going back and forth to so many departments because not only did I not have access to any of my work on Facebook, this HACKER has been sharing my old posts whilst pretending to be the page owner, so does that not fall under the category of Intellectual Theft I asked them? So, they sent me a link to yet another department by email.

    My Location has been the same and visible to Facebook from day one as it is on my other social media pages, the location of this HACKER was clearly visible when they took over my Public page in November it was posted as KOSOVO, I have the proof a screen shot taken. In addition, the HACKER published a bogus phone number for a pay phone in OHIO, again I have the proof because Google has become my best friend, I did my research and homework and Facebook does nothing. I am doing their job for them in finding out what is going on.

    The content on my Public Page since November the 11th is not anything like what I would post, not my style and certainly not the content I would choose to share on this page. In fact, it is shocking to me that a HACKER would be posting religious content of this type, what type of Christian or God-fearing person does this, takes over someone’s public page, their works and now want’s the world to believe it is theirs? I presented all these facts to Facebook, gave them my permission to get in touch with other large Public page owners who know me, sent them links to all my pages on Social Media and still, they do not give me the rights to my page, my work or even enable my personal account. Friends, other public page owners have even written on my behalf telling Facebook that my pages and account were hacked, and no one is listening. I sent them all my id repeatedly, when I say all, I mean that, every piece I own, yet they still do not believe me to be the account holder and page owner. I had to open a second account in my name to write to Facebook as that was the only way I could correspond with the powers that be, and they have since deleted this account also, you are not allowed to have two accounts they informed me. They recently sent me an email telling me they had given me admin permission back on my public page but how can I access that I asked them with no account? I have requested that Facebook delete my remaining public page because the HACKER for me has tainted my hard work of the past three years in just a few short weeks, they did not reply to my request and have just let this HACKER continue doing what ever they are doing on MY public page.

    I supported and had my account on Facebook for years, and my writings and posts were put out there by me for FREE for anyone who needed to be inspired, perhaps have their spirits lifted by my words and I know because of messages and reviews I was sent that stated my words and those of others I posted made a difference. I as other Public Page Owners do, gave of myself and my time, trying to help people who are walking on a similar path to ours, on this sometimes very long and trying road home, with sharing our knowledge, life experiences, life lessons learned, and being of a support to others.

    Is your account safe on any social media site? If I can say anything positive about social media, it is this that you can meet a lot of wonderful people, but you must be vigilant and make sure that you know what is going on daily in your accounts, on your pages. Look for the unexpected, make sure you know what is going on in the pages and accounts you have. Report those things you see and have proof, take screen shots and keep copies of all emails you send, other wise how will you have proof? Change your password and do that often. Would having an admin on my public page as someone had suggested after the fact to me have made a difference? I don’t know the answer to that but something to investigate if you own a public page.

    I miss posting on Facebook, miss my followers and hope that one day they will find me on my other Social Media Pages. If you are a follower on Facebook of Thoughts in Words with Maria K perhaps you want to unfollow the HACKED page and be safe. I doubt I shall have access granted to me in an Account there to retrieve that which was rightfully mine, my Public Page.

    So, is the Antichrist here? I only know what I know.

    Sending love and Light to my Royal Family, all my friends out there, Namaste, Maria K

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    • Wow Maria, what a nightmare! This has also given me food for thought. I appreciate your detailed description of the depth of this. “I was hacked” does not quite explain the problem, but you have gone to great lengths to specifically explain. I have noticed lately, more than ever the “control” facebook has on information. I noticed some of my posts are delayed for even days. What I have deleted, reappears. I sometimes do not have others' posts for days and it seems to “screen” whose posts I see first without looking. Thank you for your boldness with sharing. I am going to use facebook much more cautiously.


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