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    1 year, 3 months ago
    I Know Why The Weeping WIllows Weep

    The Weeping Willow Tree, such a strong, resilient, beautiful tree. If you have ever sat under one you will relate to what I am writing.
    I remember the first time I sat under one, I had a book in hand and it was a very hot summers day by the lake and the shade was perfect from the hot sun. For me It almost feels like a safe place. So many arms of branches just waiting to give you a hug like a good friend, wispy leaves to wipe away tears and sooth the soul. I have sat under a willow many times in my life, that safe place to be with my thoughts. I have cried many tears over many life events when no one else was around.
    One day I sat and thought how many others have felt like me perhaps? How many have sat under one of these majestic trees, thought about the sadness in their hearts, souls and let the tears flow. They say we leave our energy behind when we depart from a place. I guess we also leave behind our tears. There are days when I know why “The Weeping Willows Weep”.
    I have over the years learned to take time for meditation and gratitude here under the Willow, gratitude for those special people in my life gone before me or a life event that has passed. I sit on the ground my back up against the trunk and my bare feet planted firmly into the ground. I breathe in life from the tree, strength suddenly flows through my body as I breathe in and out. When I have finished my prayers of gratitude I always just hug the tree and give thanks.
    Willow Trees just like us go through so much to stay alive. Here in North America where the summers are so hot and the winters so brutally cold especially around the great lakes where I live, most of us have a great respect for nature, looking around each spring with excitement to see what survived from one year to the next, what has Mother Nature spared for another season. Life is short, we must respect and cherish all of God’s Creations, for once they are gone they are gone just like us. Namaste

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