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  • The Cost of Emotional Dependency

    Imagine a world where you can enjoy everybody because everyone in your world is there by choice, not need.
    Imagine being able to use all of your mental power to invent, conquer, achieve, and love instead of wasting your brain's…

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    • Thanks!Sir Luca Bosurgi💖💐for a nice article..Emotional dependency means killing your Soul…We feel emotional for our parents..our positive relations.. but the key note is to be a Stable person…Love ,care ,respect all…Give them proper time…but not let your own self down.. worthless.. don't use your packages full of sharp…active..loving energy on others.. rather than use to with to do far important tasks ..passions,ambitions..,desires you wanna acheive . To use your time and energy on people who can give you no reward except they Suck your time and energies to remain happy and contented as you live,care them a got so emotional attach.. that you try to give them a lot time to deal their works..and to bring them ease..that they use to take advantages of your time..and capabilities to have ease and you are emotionally trapped…and be a Clown…roam about..all time.They use you.. You Should take care of yourself too..your passions..your desires.. your should love yourself..respect stable..don't be extra emotional for others..Emotional attachments deeper..can Spoil your own Soul.. you can go on life with ease and true happiness.. you have to be among those people.. care….respect.. you.. and need you..and can truly purely give you better I must say best opportunities to become more happy.. Successful.. healthy person or yourself and can do a lot more good to be a person you want to lead a more..positive.. constructive .productive and useful life for yourself and for all…love…care..respect but not be emotional trapped.. love your Soul.. mind and body ..and put your best efforts to lead a happy healthy. Prosperous life among those who love you.💖👑God bless..

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