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  • Laugh Your Stress Away

    We all know how wonderful we feel when we laugh and when we hear other people laughing around us. Our energy vibration levels rise, and we see life differently.

    What seemed to be a stressful situation when treated with a good dose of laughter seems to lighten the load and those tense muscles, especially those clenched…Read More

  • The Power Of Hope

    Charles Revson, the founder of Revlon, said, “In the factory we produce perfume, but in the shop we sell hope.”

    During the 1950’s Professor, Curt Richter of John Hopkins conducted, what today would be considered an unacceptable experiment on domesticated and wild rats. In essence, he dropped the rats into a jar half fille…Read More

  • The beauty of kindness is long lasting

    As I get older, I realise that beautiful people aren’t the ones with svelte figures and high cheekbones or rippling muscles and square jaws but rather people who are kind and generous to others.

    Beautiful people use their physical exterior to attract others while kind and generous people use their w…Read More

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About me

Liping Feng, Ph.D.

Founder, @BreathingHappiness & @SunlightLeadershipInstitute

Taught Chinese language, literature, culture @ Johns Hopkins University
M.A. & Ph. D. from @McGill University.
Studied Discourse Analysis and Semiotics, Cultural Studies, Women's Studies, Etc.


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