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    • Jakob Lightness 9 months, 2 weeks ago

      1st day of 22 days.

      My journey for the last 10 years and my dreams, hope and wishes for the next 10 years – told in 22 days.

      Today I will tell you why I do not make many serious videos yet. It’s quite simple because I have not practiced the last 6 months of thinking and speaking in English because there have been so many virus attacks against me from the top of Denmark for the last 2 years. It has been a hard time but I have grown a lot in the fight against evil. I am even surprised by myself. I can withstand everything now without going down. I feel that I’m happy every day and that’s the way ahead of me. Therefore, I have most spoken and written in Danish at this time here in Denmark. In October – November 2017 my 3rd WOW experience happened. I had begun thinking and speaking in English in my dreams. It was a pleasure that I started meeting my fb friends in “dreamland”. The unknown country that we only know in the dream yet. I could talk to my friends in my dreams and work on our ideas when I woke up to “reality”. I have only met Bryant McGill, Jason Silva and 5-6 others whom I only know over the net today.
      The last 2 – 3 of my dreams in English I speak and talk with Bryant about our new positive project in “Dreamland” that will save the world by 2030. Jason Silva comes flying like Peter Pan and flies down to us. We are talking about the name of the city of the future. I’m talking to Bryant about Welcome to Lightness. But Jason Silva then says in the dream. What about Welcome to Paradise. Now it’s getting wild… When I wake up to the reality, I watch a Live video by Jason Silva the same day, spending all 2-3 minutes in the Live video talking about the magic word of Paradise and the meaning. I was very surprised. Jason talked about my dream in reality on the other side of the earth in the United States.
      I am looking forward to having the opportunity to return to “dreamland” in English. I think there is much more in our dreams that we still do not know enough about. But it will come over time.

      I think it was all for today. I will start making videos in English here in the group after my 22 days with text. My new videos will be calm and I will speak normally and slowly. So you must have patience with my English at the beginning . But it will also be better. It’s all about believing in it and that we want it.
      Everyone in this group can ask me everything and I will answer you all on everything. I know that everyone here in the group is positive and on the next level. Therefore, you can ask me about everything.

      Happy Tuesday Guys!

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