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  • Yoga Science Teaches Us How to Transform Energy

    You learned in grade school science class that energy can appear in either the potential or kinetic form.
    The electricity in the wiring of your home is available for any use you choose. When you turn a light switch to…

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    • Thanks.. 💖💐Sir Leonard perlmutter for Such a nice Article on the Yoga Science how it transforms energy we can be capable to gain the energy..Really amazing and informative and excellent for mind..soul and body..I do from previous 19 years at times do mind..Soul easing yoga they are real Soul energy gaining positive methods as you v.clearly and in detail explained to us .So grateful to these Solid..ethentic tips can't be described better than the Science of yoga is the gift of Budda…and Hinduisum in which Soul mind and body have to in harmony.. As much soul is in peace it can response to mind and body in the best ways..We need to learn and practice three yoga science for transforming positive..healthy into us…by which we can have more vigour..will power of mind and deal the Life with a rhythum be happy and relaxxx…to go through the negative feelings and thoughts …and wht so ever worries or problems we face at be more patient..calm..and cool to live a healthy active life…to ease our Souls and to maintain its vigour and balance.. and lead a life of happiness and health.. and when we practice it be a bit master of it..and it's not too easy one have to be v..punctual and have to have the real will power..patience..calmness..and stamina to let it part of our lives….And we can benefit others.. too ..and make the world a real place of peace.. harmony and love…Thanks again 💖💐Namaste..

    • Kinetic energy releases positively with prayer and meditation with the Lord. His constant presence is the guide and answer to free will. Meditate on what He's speaking to your heart. You may say yoga is a way to meditate on Him but then yoga would be your works. Not needed, the whole concept is your mindfulness controlled by oneself. Allow the Holy Spirit to direct your mindset, your life. He guides you away from selfish ego and releases calm inward. Pent up energy, kinetic energy, He releases outward as we yield in faith.

    • Thank you sooo much Sir Leonard for teaching me the greatness of Yoga!! This philosophical exercise is now embedded in my mind!! Yoga is certainly a healthy lifestyle that intimately connects mind and body! Thank you Sir for your fascinating article!!!🙏🙏🙏

    • Wow live it. All interesting xxx

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