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    Why My Weight Loss Has Lasted

    Weight loss has a bad reputation these days.
    Shows where people go through incredible weight loss over such a short amount of time make it look easy and ever lasting. What they don’t show is how those people who lose…

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    • Lea wink!dear..increadable article..💖💐Yeah..Health is wealth…Active Healthy mind keeps healthy body…Exercise and proper intake of food..water..juices..vegetables.. e t.c..leads to a healthy life..I myself do take proper and healthy food.. beverages..and interval between..meals..and try to drunk water more…Walk…Exercise dances..cycling..are my favourite physical motivations…as I was regular in these…motivations.. my over all health is good..and I feel ease of Soul .mind and body ..but due to my Round shaped face I look..plumpy…I am type 2 diabetes..but leading healthy life.. I activate myself in home chores
      …writing and reading.. ladies club..activities as much as I can…I was regular in ladies club…from 18years..+take care of home responsibilities but from 4 duties increased a lot these years but I try to cope up ladies club activities as much as I can..I bŕief all this because healthy activities keeps…soul..mind and body relax..nourished and fit do positive productive works.. .Thanks dear for Sharing..💖💐

    • Morning everyone….this was such a great article, it's shows we always want things easily meaning overnight results…but my greatest wealth is my health and I am trying myself so long to loose some pounds…but omg it's not happening,but you know what I have started doing swimming exercises in the pool and taking one day at a time… I will not give up but keep going…

    • Absolutely great article. Thank you so very much.

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