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  • Lawney posted in the group Submissions 1 week, 2 days ago

    The Creative Process – Art & Heart Therapy

    Art is in the eye of the beholder and every piece of art tells a story. For many, art creates emotions and it can help to express thoughts and ideas.

    Art can also bring different reactions of viewers. Everyone sees art differently. Every piece of art and artist is so unique. The mystery and originality of each piece is interesting and makes the viewer curious, stimulating feelings and imagination if the mind is free to flow. It is a form of communication and can be thought provoking. Creativity is a starting point for discoveries of your inner self….the true you. Create! Reflect in the process and increase awareness of self. You can learn to “know yourself” with this process.

    The creative process involved in expressing one self artistically, can also help people resolve issues as well as develop and manage, behaviours and feelings, reduce stress and improve self esteem. It is about becoming aware of thoughts and emotional energy and transferring that energy into an art form. That could then be transferred to writing or verbal expression. This is the healing potential of art.

    That is where the art is. That is where the heart is.

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