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  • Kristi Ling wrote a new post 1 year ago

    How to Stop Being Restless and Love Your Life As It Is

    I had to admit something to myself recently that was a bit difficult, but necessary to swallow.
    That a wonderful part of myself I absolutely love can also cause me a lot of stress, grief, and frankly, totally mess up…

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    • Beautiful article!! Sharing on my page <3

    • Wow….I felt like I was reading about my life! Oh, how I can relate to the never ending need for change and excitement. The thrill of new projects and ventures, and in general, just thriving on chaos most of the time! I’m just beginning a new chapter (divorce, children are both off to college) and my focus is calm, contentment and living in the moment. (I can feel the anxiety begin to stir as I write this!) My new daily mantra: Just breathe…and just be. Thank you for your wonderful words and insight!!

    • I absolutely love this and I FEEL YOU.

    • Kristi,
      Enjoy !
      Intent is a good place to start!
      Serenity is such a beautiful state of mind, and can be achieved even while enjoying life’s adventures to the fullest extent!

    • Loved reading your thoughts..
      Inspiring and so true…
      Sadly too many children are considered disturbed …
      It is a fight for them to separate all the emotions bombarding them…
      We are fortunate that many channel their energies into a creative outlet.
      Yes they enjoy their time alone and dislike being interrupted in the midst of their work.
      Some consider them special because they are very nice and yet one's family is treated so differently.
      Thank you for sharing.

    • This article touched the deepest part of my soul. I’ve been struggling so much for the last 5 yrs to just be happy within myself and I’m failing terribly. I will read and reread your beautiful words over and over and try to just breathe through the anxiety and lost feelings!
      Thank you for sharing and thank you for letting me know others truly do understand


    • This was raw & wonderful. Shared at ♥ because it so refreshing! Hope it helps others!

    • This gets to the heart of the matter and has an awakening perspective. I LOVE IT! Thank you for sharing Kristi 💗

  • A Simple Secret for a Long, Happy Life

    A while back I was sitting in the peaceful waiting area at my gym, waiting for a massage appointment. Another woman sat down to my left just as two ladies entered arm in arm, one helping the other into…

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    • This is so beautiful <3 Thank you!! Will be sharing on my page <3

    • The article on, ” Simple Secret for a Long Happy Life”. I have learned in past to stay from negative and toxic people.
      I understand that they are looking for Love and kindness. When I start to feel unhealthy (not my self) it is time to see less of my family members. I have even walked away from friends who were toxic. I wanted to be myself not a person that was feeling unhealthy.

      Excellent article you have written!

    • so amazing article benificial advice

    • These ladies certainly have life figured out. Kindness is so important to a healthy life. Must be kind to ourselves too. Yes, limit our time with negative toxic people for sure! I really enjoyed your article. Thanks.

    • Surrounding ourselves with kindness and positivity certainly seems to make a difference with mental health . It seems that it would certainly add to our overall health . This is a great article . It is a great reminder about what taking care of ourselves means.The way in which we take care of ourselves is more than diet , exercise and our personal mind set but it is key to have boundaries to separate from any toxicity or negativity. The healthier we are (in every aspect),the more we will invite and surround ourselves with other healthy people .
      Thank you.

      • “As citizens of this global community, the call to action from this perspective is to collectively work together to shift our energy to love, compassion and kindness — in purposeful ways, on such a level, that the duration of our lifetime on this earth can be expanded beyond what we ever thought was possible.”
        Perfect !

    • Your words are oasis of heavenly ecstasy!!! They reached under the seas of my heart!!! Waves of happiness increased my vagal tone!!! My endorphins are exploding in dynamic force!!! Abundance of love to you, Amazing healer!!!

    • What a wonderful article! ❤️

    • Well the secret is Kristi’s revealing secret!!! Well for me it’s everything Kristi said, first God, the saints,angels, holy spirits, my beautiful children, my lovely family, and I always thank God for sending me Jenni and Bryant. They always uplifted me to unknown worlds of magical art!!! Amazing Healers!!! Since I joined I only received from everyone Love ❤️ and beauty!!! A Whole new extremely lovely World!!! Thank you for loving me!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • A beautiful and simple secret that you have shared with us is excellent!! Love to read more…thank you…

    • There is a secret key of longevity!! First of all you should be surrounded by people who love you. Negativity, drama and gossip are excluded. We should be kind and loving with people who deserve our love. We should take care of ourselves in a daily basis. We should eat healthy foods and use any kind of exercise which will boost our mood. We should dream big and make our dreams come true. As difficult as it may seems, we can overcome all our problems. All problems can be solved besides health ! If our health is poor we have to take advantage of every single day. Everyday we should get up from the bed and cherish each moment. Because almost all medical illnesses can be cured if we keep a positive aspect. Every trial makes us stronger and wiser. We grew through trials and we become more mature. Maturity has nothing to do with age, it has to do with experience. We should be open to the world and keep our eyes and ears open. The truth will always reveal itself. We should pay attention to the actions of people not their words. People might say i love you but beneath that there are maybe hidden ulterior motives. We should be aware them and protect ourselves !!

    • I’ve always wanted to live/retire on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Having no clue how that would happen. Fast forward 30 years, still having the dream, living in the Mid West, raisng my son there, putting myself through school for a career that would not just pay the bills. My son moves to Florida! I get a call asking me to move closer because they are expecting a baby! You don’t have to ask me twice. I start looking within the company i work for and find a position. I move to Paradise! My point behind all of this is, within the healthcare field, it is a small community. Although I lived in the Mid West, my reputation of how I treated not only my patients, but more importantly my coworkers followed me and I was able to finally manifest my dream of living on the Emerald Coast of Florida, have a beautiful granddaughter and a very blessed(although at times difficult) life!
      I have cut the negative people out of my day to day encounters and that includes Social Media! I’m going through some pretty intense health issues and it would be so easy to just give in. I refuse! I just went to a Doctor yesterday that just oozed negativity and now I will be looking for a different Doctor.
      NEGATIVITY is UNACCEPTABLE in my life now! Make it that way in yours. My friends are amazed that I am so positive and do what I can to make them laugh 😂!

    • Great article. Very inspiring. Thank you for sharing 😊

    • Beautiful article..❤💐Too Stay healthy and happy the wish of all..To live a long happy should have the inner instinct to let the heart..and Soul connect with positive thoughts..not let any persons..or conditions..there attitudes or behaviour intereçt with the peace of your's you have who have to have the control over self.. to resist any negative attitude or behaviour..with yours a bit smile.. Silence and ignoring things.. and moving forward makes others feel..that they are cause any trouble.. +your own health care routines .exercise.. proper intake of God..positive and productive activities leads you to a better human.. and Happy contented and relaxed heart and Soul..prolong the period of life..I know it's not easy to resist tough behaviours and negative people at times but as much you learn the art to take matters lightly and let your mind and Soul pamper with love and kindness….love for all..respect all…you gain an energy that makes your own soul..heart and mind healthy..and happy ..and you live more to help.. care…..others…while having peace with yourself…love yourself and love life….remain happy…life is short…but as much we lead it..we can make it healthy.. and Happy.. just with a cool mind soul and heart …with patience and trust in God Almighty..and his creations…live life.. love all..and make it worth living….Amen

    • Very beautiful article, the message is so sincere and insightful. I really feel that connecting to Community and Gratitude is a life saver in so many of the ways you have described here. When I “stand up for” being treated fairly, there are times when I get ridiculed or belittled for doing so… I put a lot of effort into keeping my self respect and knowing of the yearning for help in balance as much as possible. Thank you for this great message @kristiling! <3


    • I absolutely agree with this article. Being kind and loving to others allows for oneself to receive love and kindness and contributes to the overall well being of everyone concerned. This is the Godly way and the way God intended for us to act in imitation of his qualities since we were all made in his image. Thank you for sharing this article.

    • I'm always been a nice person even when it comes to somebody doing me wrong I've always looked at the good in them and after that stayed this way over the years I am now in my 30s and I still look at people like that but I learn to feed them with a long spoon

    • An absolutely wonderful article with which I agree 100%. An old song says it best-“what the world needs now is LOVE sweet love!”

    • Looking at negative people in a different light of compassion and kindness is a work of the Holy Spirit not one of conscious , temporary effort. Overthinking in every kind of way just to continue blogging. It is self serving to maintain a job, an audience, numbers needed to uphold all kinds of ego maintenance. Even leads bloggers to do their own misled experiments so they can perpetuate their outlandish story lines to prove what, absolutely nothing because they have bended and twisted to find the story line their biases want.

    • Kindness is the best kind of medicine! Thank you Kristi! Great article !

    • Thank you very much for this Article. It is particularly pertinent in my life at this time. Sending much love and light.

  • 3 Simple Steps To Loving Yourself More

    I believe we are born naturally loving ourselves.
    Then, a panoply of various circumstances and experiences compound over the years, providing fertile ground for our egos to collaborate with those past mistakes and unfavorable experiences to condition us otherwise.

    It then…

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  • 3 Important Truths About Happiness

    If you ask ten different people how to achieve happiness, it's very likely you will receive ten different answers. Everyone has different views and thoughts about what makes them happy, and in some ways, it's definitely a uniquely personal…

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  • 3 Simple Tips for Happier, More Energetic Days

    I've been thinking a lot lately about simplicity. Doesn’t it sometimes feel like all the crazy stuff happens in waves? I'm surfing one of those waves right now (selling my little city farm house, moving back to my home…

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  • When You Feel Like Something’s Missing, Look Here…

    Do you ever feel like something's missing in an area of your life?
    Relationships, business, passions… it's a nagging feeling most of us experience at one time or another.

    Long ago, I learned from A Course in Miracles that when you…

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  • What If We Don’t Have to Let Go Completely?

    Recently, I found myself in the middle of a kitchen remodel.
    You can probably relate to the craziness that goes on when you have no kitchen for three weeks. While immersed in this domestic adventure, I had the chance to…

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  • What We Can Learn From Bees About Creating Happiness

    Are you a passionate seeker of joyful things?
    One thing I've noticed happy people have in common is that they're constantly seeking opportunities to experience beauty, wonder, enchantment, laughter, and pleasure. The same way you see bees buzzing around for…

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    • Congrats to all your beautiful articles❤️🙏🏻

    • Bee-ing 🐝 Ha!
      Yes !

    • Wow – What a lovely synchronicity – a little nudge from the Universe for you when the server said the name of the drink to you, “Learn to Let Go!” <3

      Ye,s it's so true, putting an actually effort (not excuses) into noticing the good things, even during difficult times is really what brings us through.

      Thank you for this lovely simple reminder 🙂

  • Why Being a Little Badass Can be Blissful

    I can remember a time in my life when fear about what others would think of me would keep me from expressing my opinion or standing up for myself, even in situations where I should have been putting up…

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    • Uplifting story❤️

    • Kristi, we could be best friends. Love this article! One of my favorite words is “badassary”. From Shonda Rhimes to Jen Sincero. I cook see you three at a cook out conspiring to create a movement!

      Again, great article!

    • “Spread your wings, say it like you mean it, and don’t be afraid to shine. Open doors are waiting.”
      Love it Kristi !
      And I think the title of this article is a little bad ass too 😘

  • The Missing Link to Lasting Happiness?

    If I could share just one thing with the world about happiness, this would be it. If you've struggled in your life with creating sustainable, lasting happiness, this is for you, and it's very important…
    Happiness is many things a…

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  • How to Get What You Truly Want (It's Not Always What You Think)

    A while back, I went on a huge, amazing journey to downsize my life.
    I sold my large house and about 70% of everything I owned. I bought a small house on a big lot in L. A. and started…

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    • “Take a look around you, right now, and see the magic and light that is already in your life. Can you feel it?”
      Yes , indeed.
      Thank you !
      Kristi, this reminder bds mevof that U2 song … “Still haven’t found what I’m looking for…”
      This would be a great article to answer for that song. 😁

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