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    I am in some level of pain every day.
    Some days it is a full-blown migraine where every thought hurts and my day is spent in bed wishing for relief. While other days it is just a tickle of discomfort in various […]

    Do You Need Help Escaping Never-Ending Chronic Pain?

    I am in some level of pain every day. Some days it is a full-blown migraine where every thought hurts and my day is spent in bed wishing for relief. While other days it is just a tickle of discomfort...

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    • Great Article, very uplifting and inspirational. Thanks for sharing.

    • Maybe the detachment at all cost could be less yielding to a let it flow freedom. When your mind is in so much pain let people love you.

    • I also struggle with physical chronic pain daily. my hip, pelvis, and legs from a slip and fall injury. It has been 5 long years and never gets any better; I won't take painkillers, I simply “grin and bear” it.

    • I truly Admire, Your strength and your Incredible Love ❤️ 💕 💗 towards Life!!! You, Gorgeous Kim, have conquered the 12 Labours of Hercules with incredible Success!!! Congratulations!!! Once I met a very wise man who was 98 years old!!! His name was Gregorio!!! He Always looked like a real Gentleman!!! One beautiful, sunny 🌞 day I asked him how he was feeling and he replied with great wisdom!!! I feel pain everywhere, but I am very grateful because pain reminds me that I am Alive!!! ❤️🏆❤️🏆🥇🥇🙏🙏🌹🌹🦋⭐️⭐️💗🦄🦄💕🌈💝💐🌿🌺🦋

    • My chronic pain is emotional more than physical. But, I am troubled by lower back pain and take medication for it. It must be awful for people who are sufferers of worse physical pain than myself. I hope they find some comfort.

    • I’m in constant pain emotionally. There’s no escape from cruel and nasty people. I’m surrounded by them. This morning I wasn’t sure if I could carry on feeling this way. I don’t see a light st the end of the tunnel at the moment. It’s relentless. I’ve got horrible neighbours, no one cares about me, and abusive Father. The list goes on, and it’s been ongoing for many years now. Surely there are better things in life. I’m sick of cliches and people advising me what to do. No one understands.

    • Very good Article . I have RSD in my right hand and arm . Now 20 + years . Yes i did the bed thing for awhile , took meds for pain . Did not do much as i felt like i was being electrocuted. I was missing out on my life . I had a good long talk with my self and said you are giving up so much . Do not let this illness Win . I got off all the meds . I noticed the pain was the same maybea little better . I started living again . I found so much happines . Life is Great . I still have very bad pain but found it is all in your outlook. I enjoy my Grandchildren so much . I wear my self out with the Good things life has to offer . When i have quite time and feel the pain taking over . I reflect on the good and what i have to look forward to . I do have a Great Higher Power .that helps also . Now during my quite time i am getting to know me again . The new me . I found out i like this person . Negativity is out of my life . I have lost friends but thats ok .i can no longer tolerate it . This is a good thing . I do go for nerve blocks every 3 mounts .this helps .

    • This was a well needed dose of positive reality, as it seems my day has started out in a positive light with all the positive re-inforcements and wisdom from other's like yourself. I have been suffering with chronic pain also, but with personal issues such as divorce, continuous health ailments and the struggles also of getting through each day, and not going back to the negative state I was in for over 8 years, even though this past relationship ended in a hurtful manner – I am blessed to still be here and oddly have been intuitive to the positive although the negative is still there. Your insite and words along with advice on how to push through are greatly appreciated, although realizing it is okay to recognize and ponder those negative feelings but how crucial it is to move forward and integrqate it into something positive, Learn to reflect in a different manner. Thank you, for being positive.

    • Great article, and thank you for putting words to my struggle. My pain feels like it is it is everywhere, and it is insidious. It’s like a symphony orchestra with some of the instrument sections taking center stage, while others are silent. And then occasionally they are all playing at once! I have endeavored to be positive and smile anyhow, as I live with it every day. It seems to me, the alternative is to lay in a heap and be angry. I use and have used alternative therapies, a personal trainer, allowable prescriptions, plus over the counter meds … just so I can sleep. I keep searching for ways to increase my quality of life, but have recently accepted my mobility has become compromised. I remember reading, when younger, that losing mobility is the main fear of senior citizens. I thought that meant no longer being able to drive, and I’m sure that is also true. It never entered my head it might mean not being able to get out of a chair easily or having trouble moving once you do stand up.

    • Thank you so very much. It really helped me understand what I'm going through. I'm suffering from PTSD and have had to lose it all mentally to rebuild my life and find out about myself. Your article helped in so many ways. I shared it to my new facebook account and added my explanation to it so that my trusted friends and family that are going through this journey of clawing my way out of the darkness can understand what i was doing for so many years but also how it effected me in the long run. I can't tell you thank you enough because you helped me understand me!!!!

    • Thank you ! I Appreciate this Very Much .Very Good Article.

    • This article is great. The boxing match is dead on when talking about pain. Its really nice to read an honest perspective on the topic! Thank you, Kim!

    • I to suffer daily with chronic pain. If it isn't the head and neck it's my back, hips and legs. Still pushing thru the pain because I have grandbabies that live with me and their mom. When I'm having it bad I go to my room and close the door and pray they don't need me.

    • Yes totally grateful for the days with less pain. Xxx

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