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The Art and Practice of Letting Go View Comment
  • @Kim.Bellanca
  • January 27, 2019

Dear Andrea Horvath: I just came across your article via an email I had receive through Bryant & Jenni Young McGill; McGill Media. This is a process that I'm struggling with. It's like giving yourself permission to let go of things that have no real purpose or meaning...

Dear Bryant & Jenni: I watched (yesterdays video)today & I was blown away. You & Jenni, should consider buying a network(where you would have total control-not be controlled by a product that wants you to follow their rules<do/say what they want to see/hear or we ban you): and...

Dear (King)Bryant and (Queen)Jenni: Thank you for, "Holding The Space" and doing this, "With Grace & Ease". When you say, "My Voice Matters"-I feel the power to spread my message & When you say, "We Can Do Amazing Things Together-I believe we can be "Movers & Shakers"!!! Peace...

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Happy Birthday and Anniversary! View Comment
  • @Kim.Bellanca
  • November 7, 2018

Happy Birthday to you, Bryant! May all your dreams come true! & Happy Anniversary to you & Jenni! Many blessings to you, Jenni & McGill Family!

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Is Sitting Too Long Bad For My Health? View Comment
  • @Kim.Bellanca
  • November 3, 2018

Dear Dr. Nandi, Partha: I would like to be part of this study!? Due to my age(50+) & My line of work(Housekeeping).......I often wonder if I'm moving enough!? I have issues with waking up in the middle of the night or early morning(with leg cramps): and then trying to...

Dear McGill Media: Yes, I agree(Such a beautiful reminder)! You asked, did you see this yet? <I remember seeing this post before, but can't remember when/where! #DNA #Connections #CelebrateDiversity

Dear Bryant & Jenni: I watched your broadcast (via: Facebook). I believe we need to be ourselves & not feel like we're walking(on egg shells), because what is said(could offend others): & we should have that freedom(1st Amendment)to do/say what we mean"Be Authentic" If someone doesn't like...

Dear Bryant & Jenni: I finally got the chance to watch your video (Moving from the slime to the sublime!) Don't be from 3wks ago & I have to say, "Our Society" needs to change! It wasn't until Donald Trump (became POTUS), that issues came to...

Dear Sylvia: I set boundaries for my self, but I do this(on a as needed basis)depends on who I'm with-family/friends/coworker & the circumstances of the individual I'm with(I treat others the same way I'd like to be treated and being open & honest in our conversations(w/o being rude &...

It's my pleasure, Akiroq! Sending you much love too <3 <3 <3

Dear Akiroq(Our Beacon of LIGHT)! Thank you for sharing a (Raw)part of yourself-you taking this step is part of a healing process & while doing so; you are helping your readers that may be in the same situation-turn their life around(Just Like You)! I'm (<: and...

Dear Bryant McGill: You/Jenni & The Gentlemen-who happened to be homeless): Were meant to cross paths, because you showed him that there's still good people in the world(you & Jenni) stopped to help & to the ones that would hurl snarky jabs/laughs/& vicious insults-will have to answer to the...

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