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  • Kara 6 months, 2 weeks ago

    Happy Sunday!!! Im reflecting working on the Royal Assingment which Bryant ans Jenni have in there Current Video.
    its really something im finding as a tool to help me look within and Bring Growth im willing to learn something new .

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Change Starts right where I’m at .I Will Do what I can and Will do what I can in this moment to make a difference. There’s always room for improvement in my life and the world Around me I know I’m needed to do my part. We all have purpose when we believe it in our heart we Can Move Mountains. I love being a Mom and my family is precious. I will fight for change wherever Civil Liberties And Justice People Should have a Right to be Who they We’re Created to be Human Rights mean a lot to me. I love GOD ...I love people ...Together We Can. Each of us have a Living experience and story that can help someone else find their freedom within. ❤️Gods Love Frees Us❤️

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