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So many wonderful points thank you for sharing!

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The Power of No View Comment
  • @Kara
  • October 4, 2018

This is great! I need to go over this again.

Sharing! Great message!

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Nightly Snuggle-Up View Comment
  • @Kara
  • July 13, 2018

Beautiful photo!!!???

I’m with you God heals us and restores our hearts ! God keeps me Centered and Grounded the pains I carried so deep spiritual interventions through Christ brought me through...Man Can’t do what God Can. God can be counted on he won’t leave ior forsake us It’s true honest Pure...

I agree Very Inspiring indeed.❤️

Beautifully written I absolutely felt this to heart oh how I dislike labels they sure don’t get to define who anyone is we’re all unique No one is perfect I agree so much of what you wrote I was told I couldn’t do many things but I do I forgot...

Congratulations Jo!!! Great Article!!! ❤️

Great Article I agree with a lot of these tips...I have to put my phone up more I sleep better at night.

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14 Steps to Calm View Comment
  • @Kara
  • June 29, 2018

Great Article! A lot of good points to look at within ourselves.

Such a Great Article The Natural Path I’ve seen Reffered me to Rhodiola pure without the Additives such as Thorne Brand. I most definitely need to Support Adrenals with my Thyroid stuff it is beneficial. Thank you for this great Article!!

Thank you for sharing how it’s helping you...It’s truly beneficial.

Great Article on Lemon Water I add Ginger and fresh Mint Leaves truly amazing what the Earth Provides is what we need to thrive.

Thank you ...I most definitely agree on many of these situations.

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