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  • 6 Wonderful Benefits of Being Friendly

    “Simply smiling and being friendly is a way to bring flavor into a tasteless society. ” — Innah Delos Angeles
    There are many people who are of the opinion that it is better to be an introvert and not to…

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    • Beautiful article Jonas and yes being friendly can motivate others life and vice versa. Thanks for sharing❤️

    • Something so simple as a smile has changed my day. You never ever really know what is going on in someone's life. I've been there. And that priceless gift from a stranger was like a big fat warm hug. I felt seen & I felt cared about! Thank you for this reminder, Jonas❣

    • I'm an introvert. That doesn't mean I think it is a waste of time or energy to have friends. Of course I have friends. I love my friends. It just means it's a little harder for me to open up to people.

    • That’s so very true and beautiful.

    • Yes, there are many advantages of friendliness and I am thankful for being friendly person…

    • This article made me think of how we can teach this to our children. Thank you.

    • Giving strangers a smile or holding the door open for someone are all acts of kindness that can lift people up and help them to better continue on their day. Also while sitting in the doctor's office waiting to see the doctor maybe you can strike up a conversation with someone else waiting. This will lift up your day and go much towards improving the world and how people react to one another. Sometimes people walk right by you like they don't even see you. Then you can smile and give them a greeting anyway. Maybe this will help to change their viewpoint that people don't care. Thanks for this article.💞

    • Will definitely help to live a happier life for sure. 💜✨

    • I actually do the same Victoria, we don't know the reasoning behind a person being homeless, some are returned war veterans, people who lost their income, people who have had a nervous breakdown, family arguments, domestic violence i wish our government in Australia would build more housing shelters so they can safely shower, have a meal, wash their clothes, sleep in a warm environment in winter

    • I enjoy being friendly – I just love the reciprocation of it <3 Lovely article, thank you *sharing*

    • Jonas , I love this.
      Being friendly is truly a gift to ourselves.
      I feel that my life has been blessed from the friendly way my mother exemplified for us.
      So many unexpected gifts have come from simple outreach by being friendly to others.
      Than you for this article.

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  • Eight Secret Habits of Exceptionally Successful People

    Are you looking for an incredible recipe to succeed in life? Is Oprah, Bill Gates, Obama, Mark Zuckerberg or J. K. Rowling one of your role models? Well, well, you have landed at exactly the right spot! Today, we…

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    • Jonas , Great suggestions to follow for success!
      The greater the work and difficulty, the bigger the reward! You get what you work for.
      These are simple steps we can take … not always easy but worth it.
      Once we get our minds right , we can achieve whatever we set out to!
      Thank you.

  • How To Be Kind Towards Others

    “Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” —Mark Twain
    Little acts of kindness can make great difference for someone. It is often worth more than spending great amount of money. Everyone wants to be…

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  • Jonas Lui wrote a new post 4 years ago

    8 Ways to Stay Calm in Stressful Situations

    When the circumstances are against you, either you can react in a way to make the situation worse, or you can stay calm and find a positive solution to the problem. It is easy to stay calm in positive…

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    • Great article , Jonas !
      Be the solution and don’t add or become the problem !
      Love these suggestions.
      Thank you .

    • very good article for those who passes through stress situations I have lot of chances in life as Factory general manager few times there was serious accidents due to carelessness of some employ but I calmly handled the situation such as removing the injured to hospital and taking action to correct the mistakes so that such things never happen again . actually everybody has to face unfavorable conditions ,but it makes no good by worrying . instead we must handle it with a clam mind
      as suggested doing meditation daily helps the mind to be collected and clam Faith in Divine will add to it . In such situations take few deep breaths and reflect for a second it will make our mind clam. we must be careful not allow the mind to wander it should be one pointed during meditation before going to sleep surrender all our doings at the feet of God
      this article is very wonderful and everybody must try to apply in life Thank you again

    • Wonderful tips. Love them and thanks so much.

    • Wooooow Jonas xcellent advices!!! They are All very true!!! My biggest problem is sleep, and like you aforementioned, very intelligent Jonas,it is so important!!! When we sleep we upload energy just like a smart phone when it wears out it’s energy, it needs to fall asleep, get plugged in to it’s energy force in order to regenerate. All Your Advices are Amazing, Yoga, Gratitude 🙏 just like you said!!! My greatest relief tactic is crying because tears are the materialization of our souls!!!So when I release All that Stress, than I put my favorite music 🎶 🎼 🎵 on and start singing 🎤 and 💃 dancing!!! If anyone listens to me sing they will definitely pull their brains out and run into safety!!! Thank you so much, for uplifting my spirit!!!🙏🙏🙏🏆🏆🏆🥇🥇🥇🥇🏆🏆

    • Say a quick prayer, Lord keep me calm and strong through this situation. This helps me a lot in a time of need.

    • It is important to try and remain calm when you are confronted by a careless and unfeeling person or
      There are times when more than one person will become involved because what was said or done was so tasteless and cruel.
      It can happen in the most comfortable familiar surroundings. It can be unexpected and unsettling.
      It can produce a reaction where more than one person is affected.
      Sometimes walking away helps.
      It still leaves everyone else uncomfortable and stunned…
      These times happen too frequently in our world..
      Peace and calm is important…

    • I am grateful for every resource that you guys put forth to help us in this season right here. I’m a person that can intercede and get a prayer through for others. However I struggle when it’s time to pray and receive a breakthrough for myself. So I’ve decided to believe and trust GOD just as passionate for myself as I ask for prayer needs to be met for others. Frankly I’m tired of stressing when GOD is actually BLESSING. I’m letting go of guilt, and self betrayal today. I’ve been spending hours in prayer but not really believing for great things properly on my behalf spirituallly. My intuition stays so really high these days and different ones issues are heavy on my heart. And I enjoy life as an intercessor and I plan to become more structured that I’m not stressed out.

    • Nice comment here

    • Nice..Article.Jonas…brother..Good tips..I always try my best to keep situations..where others behaviour disturbs our peace of mind..and cause panic for us..I do meditation and relaxing yoga exercises.. I was regular in my exercises as cycling and through out my life walked two times even at home.. in my courtyard and lawn..but as from previous three years my routines are changed a lot..have to manage time for walk and I do exercise on my paddler while listening music and continues yoga soothing exercises that nourishes my mind,body and soul…life is a blessing ,if wanna make it such..You are your own's fact at times some persons face a lot hard situations but we have to be patient enough to lead life with peace and happiness.. Where their are good people around us.. their are people around who cause drama..and are used to make fun of others…they are every where.. Those people need guidance and treatment who create hurdle in others life so they can't gain their lead a life of their ambitions.. and desires..they wanna took advantage of the sensitive people to treat them in their own ways for their own benefits.. They can be family members..friends …co..workers…any one..some times we really get upset by their behaviour and treatments because they don't stop to create problems and panic for us,that Starting destroying our physical and mental health,how much we ignore from them help them ..respect them.. they don't stop their nature of getting pleasure and satisfaction by disturbing us even a lot time..for no reason.. So as we love and care them we tolerate their behaviour and help them to get through their burdens with our Smiling face and gestures..they for the time being nice and loving.. but all of a sudden they try to put you under pressure ..So life is a tough thing 😆😃🤣I feel by staying with such people for a long time.. we get strong and hard to face life..I feel this is a training for the people like us who care respect love..and be s source of reducing tension..with our soft behaviour..So Good to others is a blessing in care and respect all….God bless.

    • I can understand the hurt you must of felt. But now you still have a predicament. It could be even bothering your son & daughter -in-laws marriage ? You Don't know, and Don't ask none of your business. But, you need to rectify this situation, be the bigger person. Here is how I would do it: call the mom of your daughter-in-law and apologize for your behavior of calling her a B**ch. Just say it was inappropriate behavior on my part, and I wanted to apologize to you.
      That's the only apology you owe her. If she starts talking about something else just say ” I have to go, have a nice day.” Then you look like the good guy with your son & daughter-in-law. Then you can approach them with the other mother's behavior. And All is well !😊

    • Lovely article, thank you so much. Great tips. I can totally relate to incorporating some of these things into my daily routine. <3


    • I love these tips.I will surely use them to support me in my journey. Thanks

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