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    6 months ago
    Act “As If.”

    Act as if EVERYTHING you do makes a difference.
    Act as if you are so full of love that no hurt, no pain, and no hate can touch you.
    Act as if you are the brightest star in the sky lighting the way for the lost and you will light the way.
    Act as if kindness holds the answers to ALL the questions and people WILL hear your voice.
    Act as if your passion and your purpose are greater than your fears and they will become so.
    Act as if you are your favorite person, in your smile, your words, and your high vibe actions and you will swim in the favor of the universe.
    Act as if the world is a loving generous space filled with incredible people and those incredible people will seek YOU out.
    Act as if you are a collaborator with the divine and the heavens above will gift you divine collaborators.
    Act as if…and in those actions, hope becomes belief becomes your beautiful reality.

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