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Jo Davis Interviewing Living Legend of “The Supremes” Susaye Greene on Keeping Life Fresh

Susaye Greene began her professional career at age 12.  As a teenager Susaye attended The New York City High School of Performing Arts, and...

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We Dare You To Say Yes to Big Magic

Video advice on moving forward. Are you ready to level up? What are your thought on "saying yes" and "big magic?" How can you...

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Create Space for Others at Your Table This Holiday Season

“Remember to create a space for others at your table this holiday season and create your own big magic. Raw and honest.” A familiar wave...

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How Dare You Marianne Williamson: From Meltdown to Peace

A typical Monday that was to quickly become one of the most significant Mondays of my life… On my way to work, amidst the chaos...

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How to Go From a Big Mess to Big Magic in 3 Steps

Let’s be real folks. Sometimes life throws you a curve ball that sends you hiding in your dark closet sobbing. Figuratively and sometimes (*clears throat)...

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Jo Davis

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Author, Contributor at Mcgill Media &, Entrepreneur, "Yes" Mentor, Public Speaker, International Artist, Photographer, Skydiver & Adventure Addict, #liftAsisterUP Founder. Creative business savvy soul. My artwork is appreciated by clients around the world. My passion is showing others what can be accomplished when we get out of our own way, serve, lift, and love madly as we find and follow our passion together. That is how we MANIFEST #bigMAGIC and #MASTERourBADASSARYtogether


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