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Yes, we must let go! That seems to be a constant message for all of us these days. Thanks for reading and commenting Melissa.

So glad that my piece was helpful to you! Welcome to "over thinkers anonymous!"

Thank you so much Lissa!

I feel like time is going so quickly.... My youngest went off to college this past fall. And I had a big birthday. You truly have to live each moment with presence and gratitude.

I agree, acceptance allows you to really live.

Thank you Robert!

Thank you for reading my piece Noelle!

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Your Mindset is the Key View Comment
  • @jillmab
  • March 9, 2018

Yes! Mindset is so key to our health and happiness. Thank you for the reminder and inspiration!

I find that creating morning rituals are so important in maintaining a healthy mindset! Great article and reminder.

Thank you Brooke! Love you too. We are each living the power to change the trajectory of our lives. 💜

Hopefully we have gained knowledge and are more able to handle those circumstances that do come to us again, and again.

Thank you Barbara!

And there are so many lessons....

Yes! Everything you say is so true. We must accept who we are, our choices, our past, and our path.

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