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    1 year, 9 months ago
    Just wondering what you think are the TOP social media platforms that are good ones to be on? I want to be active on here, and the others I’m most active on are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (not as active there as FB or Instagram though). I’d like to get more active on Google Plus and YouTube for sharing all my poster videos and others there. Who uses Pinterest and wondering about it? I did set up a profile, but haven't used it yet.
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Jessica Gilbert

Publisher/Writer Talent Spotlight Magazine (TSM), Creative Artist, Thought Leader, Author, Entrepreneur & Certified TEFL Teacher

Jessica Gilbert is the publisher/writer of Talent Spotlight Magazine (TSM), creative artist, thought leader, author, entrepreneur and certified TEFL teacher. She has interviewed award-winning artists such as: Martin Page, Pat Hunt, Frank J. Myers, Timothy D. Bellavia along with other established and up-and-coming artists. Jessica has been interviewed in the Dream Reachers II book by the late award-winning author/acclaimed journalist, Betty Dravis (Co-author, Chase Von, is an award-winning poet/celebrity interviewer). . In addition, Jessica has been interviewed on various radio programs, including The American Perspective with award-winning journalist, Judyth Piazza. Her creations have been shared on McGill Media and Simple Reminders numerous times with an original quote hitting 11,000+ shares and a reach of over one million! She is also featured in the third anti-bully Forbidden Tears production, To The Top. Besides the magazine, Jessica is involved in other creative endeavours and is in the process of launching her own business.


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