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  • Will It Be Worth It?

    We don’t want to have to. We just want it to work out.
    We do everything we can to prove that we belong, that we’re in the right place, that he’s the right one for us.
    We play the part, we…

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    • Thank you for this inspiring article Jane. I have wondered thousand times if it's worth it and you definitely gave me an answer to my thoughts. Once i made the mistake to quit my job because of the hostile environment, but the truth is that i was coward, instead of staying and facing my own demons, i quitted. That was my biggest mistake i am not going to repeat it. Life is tough but we are tough too. We have to fight with all our might every single day. We should be surrounded by inspiring people who will help us to grow. Love is what we need, and if someone is not smart to love us that's bad luck, we will find it elsewhere. We should treasure ourselves because we are one of the kind. The right people will always be in our side even in bad days and that is what we really want. I fought to become the person i am now and i can promise you that i will never back off!! I will use everything in my power to chase my dreams and to fight for a better life. And it will definitely worth it!! Blessings Jane!!

    • Jane, This is beautiful!

  • Seeing What’s Real

    Like so many of us, I used to wonder what was so wrong with me.

    My relationships all started out with such amazing potential, only to end in utter heartbreak. I couldn’t understand why it kept happening, why he always…

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    • This is great! Totally real.

    • How do you find the “real you” when you have spent your entire life trying to please someone else or trying to make “it “ right, whatever that may

    • Been there, done that (so many times) until I found Jane Garapick. Listen to her every word…do the program IT WORKS. I'm 59 & living my dream!

    • Beautiful and real❤️🙏🏻

    • It takes a little growing up and growing to understand all this. Who we are authentically is ever changing. We want someone to be everything to us, for us, but it is impossible. Our expectations are hard for someone to live up to and their expectations for us are usually unrealistic. Created in the mind. Great read!

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  • The Power of Letting Go

    I used to think I was proving how strong I was, how unselfish I was, and how worthy of love I was by refusing to give up on the ones who were incapable of giving me the love I…

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    • Another great article.

    • Spot on. It took mr 60 years to figure it out. But with God's grace I am finally there
      Enjoy your new walk

    • You are the love connecting,magical and beautiful Jane!!! The messenger of love!!! You are Cupid!!! The only god portrayed as a beautiful, angelic child!!! The mermaid of hope and love!!! Lovely Jane if one cannot share the intense Love ❤️ that Jenni and Bryant share, that intense magnetic energy bursting out of the glass, ejecting into the arms of infinity and beyond, it is more beneficial for some cases, to pronounce loneliness their best loving friend!!! Personally I love to be a loner, I adore being all by myself!!! I had years of practice. Love for me now, has taken other beautiful forms!!! Loving God, family, people,nature, all shapes of water, the sky, the astral, celestial space!!! You are a miracle because you bring lonely souls together and reunite them with the glorious meaning of true love!!! The one that connects mind, soul, heart and body!!!

    • What a beatiful article. I am incapable of giving any kind of advice as far as relationships are concerned. Many people feel so trapped within their relationships that they are blind to see the truth. Throughout the years if the basis of marriage aren't solid they will slowly collapse. Marriage means a life long commitment. But what happens when one of the partners, is cheating? You feel so helpless one side of you screams to get the hell out whether the other one stays reasonable and advice you to stay calm. Trust is the issue. Could you trust someone who cheated on you? Does it deserve a second chance? Of course he deserves but that doesn't mean that the wound is healed. Especially when you are the one who has been given your whole might and in the end you are the one who gets hurt. What happens when love has faded away? You may be feeling frustrated and you may not be in love any more. It's do difficult to let go especially when you are married for so many years. You can't think yourself without your husband !! You always believe that things will get better but instead of getting better they remain the same day after day!! If the marriage is a one-sided relationship and one of the partners is being mistreated most of the times then we have to think about the possibility of letting go as hard as it may seems. You may be thinking that you can't live without your other half!! But that's an illusion. We have to take a step and try new things even if it means that we will spend some time alone. Do not twist the meaning of love. Love means to be passioned with your partner and not being taken advantage of in the name of it.

    • Great article. Thanks you.

    • I heard myself in this article I thought I always had to give in give in give in order to be happy and to receive love. It wasn't until I lost my husband of 32 years that I learned to depend upon myself and to find myself and to realize myself worth and to love myself. It is then that I Returned to my faith and to God. I had forgotten the God so loved me that he gave his only begotten son So that I could be forgiven of my sins. I rededicated my life to God I sold my home and I moved 400 miles from where I had lived. I found a new church And I've dedicated my life to Christ again. I have found love again with the most unlikely person who's ever been in my life, my 1st husband. Being alone and praying and talking to yourself and answering yourself reading your Bible is the one thing that we all need to do to bring us closer to the person that we are supposed to be. May God's grace bless you and keep you all safe happy and most of all closer to god.

    • This is a great article. When I married my first husband 50 years ago I soon became a mental mess and I thought it was a hereditary condition. I didn't seem to be able to help myself. I struggled through a physical and emotional abusive relationship and decided once and for all to get out of it. I suffered with such low self esteem, it took me quite awhile to get over my breakup because even though he was abusive to me I had been so dependant on him. Now I'm married to a kind and loving man for 14 years. My relationship with my daughter still needs working on but she is my daughter and i'll always love her.

    • Great Article Great Read. So much comes to mind. I moved to SC in 2003 to care for my dad who had Alzheimer’s. He sat up at the edge of his bed the 3rd day that I was there and offered me all of his money in his bank account. I said dad why? For what? His words were, “ something happen to you. You are not the same sharp young woman that I gave to your husband on may 31 , 1991. , that was headed to Law school. You are different WHAT HAPPENED?” From that time forward I realized when we are in situations to long, mistreated, abused, cheated on, and in my case I gave my whole self , given up my career to be officer Smith’s wife and the girls mom I lost some substance .OUR substance I learned is what GOD intentionally put with in us to carry out and fulfill our divine purpose and destiny. We owe that substance to know one not even ourselves. We are merely stewards over it . I am an advocate for love and the reciprocity of love. I though as this person with in the article that if I loved you hard enough I could somehow force you to love be me perhaps out of the kindness and now how of you heart. But what happens if that’s. Or the content of that individuals heart . So I’m constantly beating a dead horse so to speak. Yep….. when we lose substance every part of our being is affected. STOP if this is your situation. Sure it will hurt. Cry because you need to but then move on. Easier said than done. But do you and the GOD GIVEN SUBSTANCE within you a favor MOVE ON.
      When you are least expected maybe in the process of you pain a star may shine its tallest point your way. Was it because I was prepared NO. But it did and my life will never be the same again.

    • This is a very tricky thing, because with all relationships, even relationships with our bodies, we need to give and still receive to be balanced. If we run our bodies, eventually we need to refuel. Relationships seem to be the same way…but if you are in one where you are always giving, when you NEED to receive…if there is no reciprocation, then resentment could set in.

      I grew up with a narcissist parent. I was never able to “give” enough in her eyes…and as I grew into adulthood I had little or no “self” left. I was told I was a mistake, so as an adult I did everything to prove to myself that I had worth, until I realized that this was an unbalanced relationship and had to say goodbye in order to say hello to myself.

      I am in my 50's and have learned that once you come into “balance”…

      1. Saying “no” in a loving and honest way to people is actually healthy, and a healthy relationship will not be put off when you exercise your right to say no.
      2. Self-care is not selfish.
      3. People will not react well when you stop providing your endless energy and care. Prepare to be abandoned.
      4. New relationships will come, but be mindful of old patterns of behavior. Giving makes us feel good. Giving in moderation is still wonderful. Giving beyond what is in your reserve is not self-care.
      5. There are times when we need to give more than we have. Let it be the exception…not the norm.

      Balance is a powerful word and a word I try to live by.

      Peace to all.


    • Yes, we need to learn to move on and let go what’s not meant for us. Accept it is what it is. The pain will take time to let go and free yourself. Self love then true love will come find you. 🙏🏻 Pray for strength

    • Beautiful. When I feel like my head is going to just expose, lol… I start cleaning the house & singing, “I surrender all.” It's a small practice but has become a ritual. ❤

    • It is very inspiring gives me more strength to carry on in life. Every human being has the opportunity to grow. No matter what were facing.we must go on. Sometimes it is easier fr a lot of people to give advice to everyone. While we.are the one who need advice. and pursuit the advice in order fr us to grow to have self esteem, self respect and know our value. Now I guess its time fr me to follow my own advice and listen to the advice of other people. Thank you fr the message of The Power of letting go. Thank you fr the nice encouragement. Keep it up en God Bless.

    • Giving up us not a priority for me I have thought about but never did the thought. Praying and trusting that God will give me what I need to become victorious. God said the battle is not mind it is his. As I have matured and been blessed with wisdom trials and tribulations hurt but I know without a doubt this too shall pass. To God be all the glory.

    • What a fantastic article! I lived this kind of life for many years. I'm recently going through a divorce after 12 years of a marriage where my heart, and my well being was not important.
      By the grace of God, I'm out of that relationship and learning to heal, and learning to listen to my gut instinct telling me to run the other direction as fast as I can.
      It's so hard in a society that portrays a woman as a selfless, giving, and loving person beyond even what she is capable of doing herself. I'm taking that leap of faith, and I'm going to learn to take care of my needs, and my interests first before anyone else's.

    • Beautiful article…worth reading if you cannot understand how love can become sadness and despair…
      One does not necessarily have to experience everything painful in Life to realize when a relationship is one sided….
      Sadly it takes a lot of strength to walk away and say my Child is more important than this person who is too self centered…
      It is better to remember we are never really alone..

    • thank you for your amazing article

    • Its a beautiful article and so true, as if its my story being narrated..

    • Iam exactly the same, until i was studying at the University and also progressen knowledge about behaviorproblems, social dynamics and peoples lack of selfawareness and consiousness to provide the sequre love and attachment i needed. To let go of others, it is not only to love oneself, but to really be educated in Why people treat us bad, because we hold on to beliving that we can change their behavior and understanding, when it comes to pur own emotions and needs. The second thing is that we belive that we have an impact over others by common sense and logical resonble conversations, when in fact we are a target of being used or manipulated back, or used in our ability to reflect and communicate from a health balance between emotions and thoughts. To let go over other people is also a statement over to let go of love, based one the reality over who they truley are, insted of having a fiction over what we want them to be. In fact, we ourselves dont love the real person behind them, because we belive that they are the people we want them to be, insted of who they truley are. That is not fair for them either. When we are real and honest over what we ourselves want, we can also be more fair in relation to o5ers, based on that we know them well first, before comitment or long lastning friendship. With love and support Lina Sjöberg

    • Beautiful article❤👑To lead a life with ease of Souls and mind..letting go…is the key note..for a happy healthy life.
      If we keep in heart and mind that some persons or conditions are major cause of our anger…bother..worry..or depress situations.. we can't go on with life….with a happy note..we have to make ways for us by our ourselves.. by neglecting .forgiving..not extra realistic..and letting go…as we let go things.. and our behaviour is cool…and calm….and we concentrate on our works….we don't try to make ourselves sensitive about the people or conditions..that…are supposed to let us in misery…or pain without any solid reasons…those people and conditions with the passage of time..gets better…and they are turning into our favour….as much we let go..less response…be relax…and our works with courage and love..those who wanna make us trouble some..Feels..pity..they feel they are not doing something's right…they will see their own faults.. in some individuals it takes a better result to come out ..but in some it takes time..Main thing is we have to have our own power..confidence..and wisdom…let go….and move forward.. don't take any thing so personal..don't get upset by people or conditions…This will make life much relax…and better….live life…with purpose…and love yourself and your Life….wht is meant for you will be yours….life is a continues circle of learning.. taking knowledge…love and care individuals…giving…respecting others…Let go…..and let love pass through each others souls….with pure heart and intentions….❤💐Amen

    • Wonderful article @JaneGarapick!
      This article really hit home for me. I felt a wave of emotions and it was also very refreshing to read. I have been through multiple situations and relationships of all sorts in this toxic way; it took me quite some time and quite so many choices of not choosing me, of not choosing love (my love for me) first to realize this.
      I totally know what you mean, I felt the same way many times, thinking that what I could give would be enough and enough to get that back. The good thing though (and maybe the best part though) was that one day after many days of praying to my higher self, the universe, using the LOA, meditation, affirmations, etc. I got it- IT all made sense, I was aware.
      Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing this experience and awareness with us. I am deeply grateful for this article. I am so happy for you and where you are now in this apace. <3


    • Necessary losses. ❤️
      Just like life is a series of beginnings and endings… We have to let it go to be free to love and live.
      Thank you for the article , Jane.

  • You Are Good Enough

    All I ever wanted was to be good enough.
    No matter what I did or how hard I tried to measure up to someone else's standard of “good enough”, it was never, ever enough.
    I always felt like I fell short.
    And the…

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  • Jane Garapick wrote a new post 4 years ago

    The Real Reason We Suffer

    I've never been one to get it right the first time.
    Two steps forward, one step back has always been my pattern. I set about on my own path, I learn, oh how I learn. And then just when I…

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    • Great article. It serves no purpose to berate ourselves for something in the past but rather learn from it. Thank you for this article.

    • “Do your best and forget the rest.” Nice little saying to remember at times when we are being hard on ourselves.
      Our own will run riot can cause so much unnecessary chaos. We live and hopefully learn that there is a better , softer way.
      Thank you for sharing , Jane.

  • Jane Garapick wrote a new post 4 years ago

    The Part You Can’t See

    When I look back at everything I thought I knew, at how hard I fought to keep the ones I was never meant to be with, the ones who could never be capable of giving me what I needed…

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  • A New Way of Thinking

    We've all heard so many versions of the same thing:
    Just love yourself and your life will change. Just think positive and everything will be better. You just need to trust more, have more faith, believe it can be and…

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    • Don’t be afraid of it. Embrace it! It’s where you’ll find the you you’d never otherwise know. WOW so beautiful and very inspiring. Thanks for sharing

    • It’s in our “gut” .
      A combination of heart and head … otherwise known as our soul …
      Thank you Jane
      Great article ❤️

    • I remember when I first started coming into alignment with the Law of Attraction and how we have the power to Manifest. I felt in a similar fashion as you have initially described. Over several years I have been finding new and creative ways to be with this. As you have explained here – it really was about noticing all of the wonderful things big and “small” that I have in my life to experience each day – that Gratitude is what has been the biggest secret to the transformations I have experienced. This article has really touched me and I am very grateful for you writing and sharing this with the World! <3

  • Leave the Past Right Where it Belongs

    You say goodbye even as your heart is breaking.
    You let him go because after all, we're told that's what you do if you love someone who doesn't love you. Or can't commit to you. Or can't see you the…

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    • I thought I had taken that step for myself with my ex-husband a long time ago. But I find that I am having to take that step again with him for both my sake and my son's sake. I held on to the dream that he could one day be a good Dad and we would be able to co-parent like I've seen so many do successfully and our son would have the best of both worlds. But I have come to realize that because of certain things that will never be the case and he will never change. I have to do what is my best for my son and as confusing and overwhelming as it seems I'm trying to figure that out no matter what that means. I'm breathing deep and taking it one step at a time and doing whatever it takes to keep that door closed for myself and to keep my son safe. So that we CAN move on and have the wonderful life we have built the last 4 years continue again and to keep getting even better and better!!!! We had a fresh start 4 years ago and are truly happy, this is just a bump in the road to get over and deal with. But to let it go and continue it means we can't keep getting pulled back into the past anymore….I have to do what I have to do!

  • The Right Ones Always Stay

    I've never done well with good-byes. I resist, holding on to the dream of what could be, never wanting to let go.
    No matter how much we weren't on the same page, no matter how much the writing was so…

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