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New Years Aren’t Magic, But You Are

Let’s get honest and ask ourselves the question, What really makes this year any different? If you’re anything like me you probably have already tried...

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Do You Have Hope?

Any area of our lives that does not glisten with hope, is an area where we are believing a lie. It’s an area where we...

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Are You A Maverick?

Last summer the Cicadas came back. I watched as they began awakening and emerging from their places of hiddenness making their presence known at first...

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Welcome To Fall!

It’s funny how nature teaches us so many lessons. Many of us would consider fall the most beautiful season of all, which is ironic since...

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What Kenny Rogers Taught Me About Relationships

You know the lyrics from the popular song, The Gambler, by Kenny Rogers. “You’ve got to know when to hold’em, know when to fold’em, know...

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Are You Ready to Get Naked?

I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. And not just your highlight reel, but your blooper reel too. I want to see all...

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Blended Mom 101: Permission to Love

I know it sounds funny: Permission? To love? But it’s exactly what you’re going to have to give yourself if you want to be successful...

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Progress Not Perfection

You’ve come a long way baby! Do you have it all together yet? Of course you don’t! There’s a huge amount of “failure” before there’s any...

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