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Letting Go — The Key to Getting What You Really Want

Each time we see the need to let go of something — a bad habit that drags us down, an unsatisfactory relationship, a career...

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Reclaim These Two Spiritual Treasures

In this life... we are only given two things that are purely our own to use: attention and time. Attention: The ability to give our attention...

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Seven Simple Exercises to Invite the Extraordinary Life

I can think of no greater encouragement than the self-evident Truth that there dwells in each of us the opportunity to explore and know...

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The Secret to Letting Go of Every Fear

Are you afraid of some condition in your life? Here's a life-transforming secret: that seemingly scary condition, whatever it may be, is not the problem....

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Choose to Remember the Light

Have you ever had appear in your mind the image of someone who hurt you, or run a whole mental movie about something that...

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The Power to Leave Painful Thoughts and Feelings Behind You

Just as a storm in the atmosphere of the earth is born of conflicting fronts of different temperatures colliding with one another, so too...

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How to Change the Life You're Giving Yourself

We meet life, with all of its complex relationships, through what we know. Each daily event, with its dozens of unsuspected twists and turns, challenges...

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