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  • I have always thought of myself as a holistic doctor.
    To many, that means I have exchanged my training in western/allopathic medicine for more alternative, less conventional diagnostics and treatments. However, […]

    My Top Ten List for Staying Healthy

    I have always thought of myself as a holistic doctor. To many, that means I have exchanged my training in western/allopathic medicine for more alternative, less conventional diagnostics and treatments. However, my definition of a holistic doctor, and how I...

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    • This is so good and practical, thanks will reread.

    • I enjoyed your article immensely. It is true that if we neglect these things, we will not do good in the long time goals of how we feel and live. We must pay attention to all of these details to ensue a good and healthy life in the future. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. <3

    • Hello Charles, loved your article and your style of writing. Great reminders, thank you 🙏

    • Honoring the Body and Avoiding Guilt rally rang to me. Wonderful article, thank you so much!

    • So many wonderful points thank you for sharing!

    • Such good recommendations that help people realize they can take responsibility for their health in so many ways. Health is wealth. Heal thy self, healthyself.

    • Good night everyone especially you doctor..I am speechless by your sum an individual way of how to live…if we practice we're going to be better people..and it takes plenty of faith, belief, sacrificing, understanding and honesty to reach a higher level in spirituality…this is when so much of peace and understanding to people reactions we can now be able to help in what ever way..everyday people face so much of problems and difficulties…giving a hearing is so much better than judging the reason that someone can see the light from you, namaste all..

    • Thank you for your sharing.

  • Avina Celeste wrote a new post

    1 year ago
    Think of your thoughts as though they were strangers passing on the street.
    You can choose to stop them, to have a chat, or to simply pass them by. Which thoughts will you invite into your home? Which thoughts […]

    6 Steps to Encourage Positive Thinking

    Think of your thoughts as though they were strangers passing on the street. You can choose to stop them, to have a chat, or to simply pass them by. Which thoughts will you invite into your home? Which thoughts will...

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    • Thanks for sharing Avina! I enjoyed your positive reminders – so useful in daily life – xo

    • Beautiful, magical, unique name, Avina Celeste! Avina your article is celestial!! I am sooo relieved to learn that my mistakes make me into a stronger, better person because I make countless mistakes every day of my beautiful life!! I was sooo worried about my numerous mistakes but you, supremely kind Avina transformed my negative thoughts into absolute happiness!! Infinite thanks to our celestial, super intelligent Avina!! 🌜🌙💫🌟☀️🙏🙏❣️

      • Thank you for the lovely comment, Angeliki. I'm glad to hear that my article is helping you! Your kind words are very appreciated.

    • Good article with timely reminders to keep positive thoughts foremost in your mind and to surround yourself with positive people. Thank you for sharing.

    • Nice article. Having a little fun here 😊 Hi how do you do positive thought. Would you like to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee together. The sight of you makes me feel just absolutely lovely inside. Won't you please take a minute with me. You wil be glad you did 😀

      • Thank you for reading! I hope my article outlines some strategies that will help you promote positive thinking in your life.

    • Thank you! I'm grateful for your kind words.

    • I'm glad to hear you enjoyed my article, Susan. I agree that simplicity is an important message that can often be overlooked in the complexity of life. Thank you for your kindness!

    • Thank you for this article…for me those are the magical tips we all must live with..nothing in this world could be more appealing in finding yourself and living it for you….god is such a great person to show you that once you believe and have faith things will be as suppose to…what's for you no one can borrow, take away or lend it…we all go through different problems and no one can say they are perfect…in everything I will say be yourself…

    • Gratitude, mistakes, mindfulness, strengths, positivity, forgivness, patience! Can just one person attain all of these at once? Yes, I believe they can, indeed! Just one step in front of another, and you are there! Naw, not that easy! Takes time, energy, caring and love!! Believe in the ritual and you will receive the gift! Equal to the love and the need in your life, for significance.

    • Thank you Avina for your amazing article! When I feel low, I cry sooo much! When the crying is over, I somehow feel great relief and very uplifted! When I am at my lowest, I scream, yell, break plates, pull my hair! No wonder people think I am sooo crazy! I am very sorry for my looney behaviour! 🙏❤️🌹🦋♥️⭐️💕🦄

    • Thanks!Evina Celeste..dear for a beautiful inspiring article💗💐yeah to live a healthy Stable life we have to be loving..caring and compassionate…These instincts..and guts..can only be achieved if our Soul gets nourishment and food given to us by our mind and heart at moments in Solitude…and in relaxing our mind,body and Soul…at positive activities…physical..mind easing that can enhance life..vigour …stamina…positive energy ..zeal and zest in us..and it needs daily practice..These health gaining activities…take time and will have to be managed with our daily routine life works and responsibilities ..It will make us better human beings for our ownselves..and we can a lot good for our life's and can prove helpful…positive..and productive for all…Let be your life a Symbol of love for all..and Surely God Almighty gives you strength and will power to do so..Amen..

    • Great Article!
      Simply by one reading, the current of positivity runs through the whole body and mind. The whole mind gears up with new challenges ahead for a bright and positive future. Imagine, reading this article again and again so that the techniques mentioned not only get a permanent place in the sub-conscious mind but also visualize a glimpse of success ahead.
      Thank you very much Avina!
      Really Grateful for heart touching and challenging transition of mind.

      Asshok Sripati

    • This was such an insightful article. You have beautifully summed up how to live life positively in this article. I feel that every single point outlined here could be used as an affirmation in our day-today lives. Thank you so much Avina for sharing!

    • Love it Love it love it Much love and Many Blessings.

    • Great steps to practice.
      Thank you Avina.

    • Wow amazing article I will definitely be using some tools or remember some when I feel the need to apply them I struggle quite abit lately with court all things going on somethines it takes a word of wisdom and advice from someone to help clean a path thank you for sharing your amazing story x

  • Positive quote of the day: you know what the best part about the morning is ? It gives you a blank canvas to which you are the artist . So be like bob Ross and paint a masterpiece.#bobross #whateverittakes
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    • I am absolutely wooowed by this purity of love!! A poor coat accompanied by the melody of the rhythmic pulse of a harmonious guitar, offers for eternity authentic love above and beyond the seven heavens!!! Congratulations lovely Stephanie!🎸🎸🎼🎼❣️💕❤️

  • Sole posted a new activity comment

    1 year ago
    yes i am. thank you so much for the love and support❤️😘🤗
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  • Sole posted a new activity comment

    1 year ago
    Welcome to People Linking❤️
  • Sole posted a new activity comment

    1 year ago
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  • Mind Matters!

    Deep within the inner recesses of our minds buries the greatest power either waiting to crush us down or to fuel us up to our greatest achievement yet: to be the persons we always dream of! However, every golden gift yet to be discovered does not come so painlessly. We have to experience evolution in thoughts and must undergo…Read More

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