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  • Jackie Wilushewski posted in the group Submissions 3 months, 2 weeks ago

    Gratitude & the Mystic Heart

    It’s not just during the Holidays, it’s each day of our Lives that are filled with, joy, compassion and the Mystery of Love in our own Nature. During this time though, there is special spark where all traditions of all Spiritual capacities radiate across the World. The Mystic Heart grows out of humility, openness and harmony with all living things. This can be experienced through all aspects of Life; through your connections and relationship with self, with others, through difficult times and even just from emitting compassion and kindness.

    When we give and receive from the heart – we can feel this – it feels like Royal Generosity. If you think about it, how different does it feels to give and receive with Love and Gratitude versus obligation or force? We can really connect to the Mystical Heart within each of us through thankful actions. We can create, experience and honor this connection with self and others.

    Noticing what it is you are grateful for helps you to be Mindful. When we are being mindful, we can more easily create a space for holding positive emotions and being open minded. Being mindful and open minded cultivates Gratitude. Gratitude will allow you to experience the essence of the Mystic Heart.

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I love being surrounded and inspired by Nature. I am a Mother of 2 and do work in the graphic design and UX design field. I love to wrote and spend time with my family and friends creating meaningful memories. I also enjoy arts and craft, painting, yoga, walking and listening to music. Paying it forward and giving back to my Community is dear to my heart.


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