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Evelyn M. Ryan

Yourlifelifter Founder/Author/Podcast Host

Evelyn Ryan is the Founder of Yourlifelifter, a certified professional life coach, author, abuse recovery expert, ACE Certified Health Coach, career coach, healer, businesswoman,, master problem solver, and mother.
She applies her knowledge gained from over 20 years of study on health and nutrition, abuse, trauma, and personality disorders and 35 years of experience as an authority in solving problems in high risk industries to identify quick effective solutions that address the specific root causes of our chronic emotional pain and unhealthiness and help us improve and sustain our lives.

Evelyn holds advanced degrees in science and management as well as multiple professional certifications in life and health coaching, organizational excellence, and process improvement. She is a recognized expert and published author in quality management and has worked nationally and internationally for several world-class research institutions and agencies supporting high risk operations and national and international security.

For over 20 years, she has served as a career
coach for adults and grade school and high school students and designed problem solving workshops in support of the Expanding Your Horizon Network, which inspires more than 25,000 girls each year to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

She travels extensively around the world and resides in Northern California with her daughter, Alex who is pursuing a medical career in behavioral neuroscience, and their animal family.


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