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Great picture and great post! 😂😉👍

It is a closed facebook group page. It sounds over the top great, but is it shared with your followers Bryant or opend to others? Whre will this lead to exactly? This page i thought would lead to social communication and progress, but we only share our posts. So...

You can buy swanwicks bluelight glasses on my website, that protects the eyesite and brainactivity from the light, and makes you sleep well after using your iphone. 😊😎👍

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Is Our Perception Real? View Comment
  • @EqualeducationDesign
  • June 2, 2018

I belive that we create our own reality in line with our growth to become more sequre in hardships and struggles. Life dosent change around us, but we change in contact with our enviroment, and life can get easier in time, when we face our fear and compare that...

Hi! I was writing a comment here, but it is removed?!

You both speak my language 💞✨🌸 please Jenni and Bryant, I miss your podcasts, because it is the only true and real values that i share with myself and also sequre our next generation in my work. Love you both and your amazing work! 💞💖

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