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  • Spectator Sport

    To be fair to myself, I come by it honestly. When I was growing up, there were many emotions that were discouraged. It was not safe to cry because it was too vulnerable. It was not safe to be…

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    • ELIZABETH, you are worth an eternal , infinite abundance of joy… you were born a miracle to shine.
      Fear (Face everything and run) Sounds like you are not running anymore … you are showing up to live in your light! Sharing and helping others heals us .
      Thank you for sharing. ❤️

  • My Relentless Pursuit of Gratitude

    A Taste of the Truth
    I often think about gratitude in my recovery work. I have read many books and articles that discuss the importance of gratitude in healing. And I get it intellectually. It makes so much sense. How…

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  • What the End Means in Recovery

    One of the most important things I have learned in recovery is everything is temporary.
    And in recovery, this is not a bad thing. Most of the painful emotions can only be tolerated with the understanding that they are temporary….

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    • Elizabeth, This is where letting go and making amends sure help the healing and the cleansing of past pains.
      Feelings are temporary.
      As a recovering alcoholic of 14 years , this idea was huge because I was so scared to feel … I thought feelings stuck. Instead of realizing feelingvand growing through was the freedom to truly live.
      I heard something recently that resonated profoundly with me. There is Post Traumatic Syndrome and there is Post Traumatic Growth …
      PTSD gets you stuck.
      PTGD says , I am going to get through this by any means , no matter how hard … I will turn my pain into passion and purpose …
      Thanks so much for your authenticity.
      I don’t believe anyone is completely without fear but it sure helps to recognize and admit the fear in order to work through it . Faith is strengthened once we realize we can and will survive.
      Much love

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Spectator Sport

My Relentless Pursuit of Gratitude

What the End Means in Recovery

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