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  • No matter how different you are, love who you are.
    Just do you.

    Reclaim your self worth. Move past fear and not feeling good enough to live the life you were born to live. It’s time to shine your light. The world needs it.
    Eileen Anglin

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    Forgiving Those Choices We Made by Finding the Gold

    I have been thinking a lot about the unwise choices that I made in my past, and the missed opportunities that they resulted in.
    I’m sure you have some too. We all do.

    The blessing is that a our Divine Creator…

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    • Incredible, amazing article!!! Eileen, beautiful name, it sounds like🎶 🎼 🎵 music from the Angels!!! Every beautiful day, love and fear possess deeply my inner being! My feelings are like a boomerang. I throw away love and very scary fear arrives and then I throw the monster away very forcefully from my inner drive. I try to visualize the force as the speed of light 💡, in order to throw terrifying, monstrous fear into a meteorite. All of a sudden, ❤️ golden love comes back into my inner being like a shooting star! I loved your article and I will follow your advice! “Forgive our past, find the Gold within it!!! Thank you 🙏 for your very beautiful wisdom!!!🎼🎵🎶⭐️🏆🥇

    • Loved this article!! Sharing on my page <3

    • This was a hard one for me. I hated to think of the years I wasted on a man who didn't deserve what I gave. He's gone, finally. I have forgiven myself and become stronger in the knowledge of knowing, I did my best with the tools I had at the time. I've grown from the past. How could it be a bad decision? I'm stronger in the knowledge of who I am and find I like who I am becoming. I'm kinder, more loving of all around me. I give of myself, with no expectance of anything in return. I tell people when I admire their qualities. I share my loving thoughts with all who touch my heart. If I think a stranger has beautiful hair, smile or whatever comes to mind, I tell them. I smile at strangers, offer to help if I see a need in the elderly or disabled. Helping load their groceries may be the only act of kindness they receive that day. I know small acts of kindness can turn my outlook around for the rest of the day. I'm no Saint for sure. I'm paying back for the small gestures I receive and grateful for each one.

    • When we know better we do better. Always be thankful for unanswered wishes because those unanswered wishes lead us to a better place. Love your article. I felt a very healing energy when I read it.

    • The “attitude of gratitude “gives us appreciation for all things , even any past that we might feel shameful or guilty about.
      Acceptance is key.
      Thank you Eileen.

    • Honestly I still dont know until now what is my bless in the choice that Ive made. I cannot feel the inner peace but I am happy outside. I found the love and care that i was longing for but im afraid until when it will last. Career wise Im still struggling to maje it on the top again and that i think is the reason of emptiness i feel inside. Im praying for the full recovery in my life. Please give me your thoughts about it. Thanks

    • Sometimes it's a part of growing up.

    • I seem to be Stuck in this Situation, I have been married twice, Divorced Twice. THE last marriage nearly Broke me. I'am Depressed most of the time. I find IT REALLY Hard TO TRUST anymore. I spend a Lot OF Time Alone, I Don't HAVE A Lot OF Desire To Do Much OF Anything, But I WANT TO!!!! But I JUST Don't Think I Know How.

    • I made a very bad choice years ago that's why I am not going to do that again but something from my past has come back to haunt me so I am going to circumvent to do what I want to do

    • I've come to a place of peace, in my heart, letting go of the past. I continue to calm and change my thoughts, when my mind wonders backwards. I feel I'm finally at a really good place now, after struggling for five years, to leave it all in the past. I finally made it!! New home, new job, a new hip (literally), and a new outlook on life and love. I'm excited to embrace my new adventures.

    • Lovely article! Just absolutely Love your insights on forgiving and being able to grow from our past and “find the Gold within” Thank you <3 *sharing*

    • Beautifully written…
      Gratitude for having survived all the accidents and
      tragedy in my life so far.
      They actually made me learn to be stronger.
      Always try to forgive and forget what others have intentionally done to harm me..
      It can be difficult to do so and it may take years to accomplish this…
      Thank you for sharing your insights…

    • Wonderful article thank you.
      Looking for the ‘gold nuggets' within my past and even current challenges, has always helped me to make peace with the past, heal, and then extend that transformational energy out to others.

    • Beautiful article. Eileen dear..Thanks for Sharing.. ❤💐Yeah gratitude is the way towards peaceful life..we have to make peace with ourselves to lead our lives l8ve with zeal and zest…we are Human's we do make mistakes,we wanna be happy and satisfied to live our lives sometimes we take wrong desicions ,wrong choices.. wrong attitudes ,wrong behaviour..even from innerselves we didn't mean to hurt our selves or others..we get disturbed at times and to deal the situations and negative people around we are highly sensitive loving persons but no better results we can able to see or those who try to let us down and put hardled in our lives to restrict us from growing and gaining our own strengths and own self power to create a life our they want us to now down and live a life which they want…we try to hold our selves and to face challenged some times we have to arrogant and become selfish and in this fuss we let ourselves in more struggle and make some wrong choices and takes risks on our selves.. but that's not the solution..we have to be patient enough to deal whts going around us in favour or not..because those who want to create drama will go on on their tracks enjoying and leading their lives with happy notes and we are in continues suffering process..So we have to forgive and forget and walk on with peace and confidence.. as nothing can be achieved unless we are Stable enough to lead a full we have to let go move forward make peace with calm and relaxed.. let our Mind and Soul work in a better way for this we have to ignore things we should not be so sensitive..we should live our with ourselves.. This life is so hard you can never expect good from all all have to be resistance and string enough to make your be positive and contended with your inner strengths and let the ways cleared.. any thing can be achieved with courage and will power.. and patience..Trust in God…and do your best…

    • Beautiful article, just full of so much love and healing. Practical ways to look at everyday situations both past and present for forgiveness, gratitude and growth. Thank you <3

    • Beautiful article, Eileen! Thank you for reminding us of the value and continued option of self-forgiveness – and of finding the blessings in even the most challenging situations. xo

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  • Creating Gratitude When You Don't Feel Grateful

    Gratitude is divine alchemy.
    It opens all your energy systems and allows positive energy to come into them.It opens the DNA and allows healing and blessings to occur. Whenever I feel that I am stuck in “lack” which can be a lack…

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